One of my favorite plaecs to go in Maryland is The Snowball Stand in Woodstock. My best friends family owns it. Tons of people go there and wait in very long lines to get something. The ice cream and the snowballs beat any other snowball or soft serve ice cream any where I’ve been to! It is delicious!The Ice cream is smooth creamy and amazing and the snowball flavors taste just right! People are always there sitting on benches underneath big trees eating snowballs and ice cream and talking with other friends!At night the twinkly lights on the trees illuminate all the teens hanging out. It’s a very popular place. The inside of the stand is sweltering even though they are making ice. Making flavors is hot and fun too! You mix all the different ingredients together and then poof there’s the flavor! I always enjoy going there whether it is to make flavors or to eat the snowballs or just to hang out with friends.I also enjoy going to the Science Center with my family. My favorite spot in it is the human body section where you can lay down on a bed of spikes (It feels so weird), see your hand bubble with an optical illusion, and trick a height sensor into saying that you’re 7 feet tall. It’s a lot of fun but very noisy.