Will there be an xkey 25 version 2 with xport?
i’m trying to route 12 pedals to 6 xkeys then to Vienna Ens. pro via Nuendo 7

My planned setup

Like this.. and its seems that sustain over midi is hard to 1. isolate.
2. because the way windows enumerates devices its going to be hard to re-attach them any way in nuendo or in vienna.
I wish we could Name the individual keybaords.. would go a long way to finding which one is the right one to reconnect to.
rather then xkey1 xkey2 xkey3 like windows shows them. I would love to hardcode the identifier name.
As you can see in my picture link. If i unplug these it will be annoying enough the way windows will just random assign them when re-connecting via a usb hub.