Yeah. i now have the gear and am slowly pondering how to best set it up..
Now kind of comes the fun or not so fun part. I have learned windows SUCKS for keeping USB devices on the same port #s So watch your midi learns go poof easily.. how this hasn’t been solved yet is beyond me. I am going to try and see if i label them all 1 – 12 and alwyas plug them into the same ports.. if that is enough to keep windows from trying to connect them to another random port.. and keep a “Ghost” connection around which then messes up the midi learns.

Now.. about how to play this.. here is where it gets interesting…. I am thinking that one things that will be key is coverage. having a few key sounds always available on a few of the keyboards.. “like low strings.. can be on a few of the keyboards” That way i can always hit and hold one to cover the fact that my hands need to move. i am also pondering making the other keyboards sustain pedals Latching.. other then my main one. This way i can kick a repeating sound out on keybaord 2 latch it.. while playing a nice piano part on keyboard 1. Then slowly while latched reach over to fade in other instruments.. as well as volumes with my feet. Im also going to see how many of the VST’s i have support CC66 instead of CC64. This way i can latch keys on while doing other notes on the same keyboard.. while for example holding the low strings.