Thanks very much for your favorite and support for CME product.I’m sorry to take you in the trouble and make you wait.
Let me explain why we don’t have new USB driver by now.Due to development earlier,the UF BIN has something incompatible,and the bin can’t be updated.So it is very hard to do the new driver.In a word,due to the technical reasons,we can’t do the new driver,not we don’t want to do.Hope you can undersand.Thanks very much.
Because the UF is developed in 2004.In that time,there is no class-compliant driver specification of USB device,and Intel Mac is the newest OS…So Manufacturers can’t guarantee the compatibility before the operating.And UF v1 is stopped production in 2006,there is no newer OS than Intel Mac ,too.So there is no newer USB driver .
I mean you can use MIDI connection to let UF work again.Any MIDI interface is all right.Or if your sound card has MIDI port,it also can work.
I’m sorry I can’t get your wish.Hope you can kindly understand.

Regarding the vista driver of UF, I have a officious version driver. If you like, you can send me a mail(wma@centrmus.com). In that I can send it to you.

Regarding NANO, as I remember, it should be installed inside of UF. And you can change the programme of Nano by UF.