Zhao Yitian

Hi Steve, I did some search on internet, below information shows that we still need to wait until DAW software implement this protocol.

Just a quote that Pete from Microsoft made on gearslutz that is interesting:

“Just a quick note, since some folks are discovering this in the latest insider build: we now have support for Bluetooth MIDI using the ratified MMA protocol (compatible with Apple’s implementation). It’s in the box in the insider build, and will be in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Redstone 1). You pair the device (or use the pairing API inside an app) and it shows up as just another MIDI endpoint.

The reason I haven’t said much about it here is that it doesn’t yet apply to DAWs you use. As the DAWs incorporate the new Windows 10 MIDI API (which also offers multi-client support), then you’ll be able to use it for bluetooth peripherals connected to Windows 10 devices (PCs, phone, Xbox, Raspberry Pi, etc.) Currently, the Windows 10 device cannot be the peripheral due to how our BTLE stack works. It’s on the backlog, though.

This was a while in coming. We voted to ratify Apple’s proposal last year, and then put it on our engineering list once the protocol was official. I’m happy to see it in there, because we’ll be able to use the new bluetooth peripherals that have been coming out this past year.”