Sorry I did not make it more clear. The WIDI BUD with the new beta firmware paired with the Mi.1. No issue there. The midi controller keyboard I was using is a Korg MicroArranger not Microkey keyboard, and the Mi.1 was plugged into the 5 pin midi out of the Korg MicroArranger. When I begin to play, there is severe latency from the start. I tried the same setup on a different computer. The latency issue is the same.

In regards to cc#11, it makes the latency even worse. I used a midi accordion as the controller. The bellows sends out cc#11. When I work the bellows just a little bit playing a few notes, it must be choking the WIDI BUD. Not only does it cause extreme latency, but notes are hung. The WIDI BUG is such a great idea. I hope we can solve the issue. Thanks.