I also have and UF7 keyboard which i love except for the missing 64bit driver (and the “Timing Clock” and “Active Sensing” as named by MIDI-OX, which crash reaper).
The vista driver you are talking about, is it 64 bit? is it an official one? or is it the 1.05 with modified inf which can also be found on the internet?

I do not really understand your explanation about 64 bit driver missing. What is a “bin”?, do you mean the binary/firmware file meant to program the micro-controller in the keyboard? If so, maybe would it be possible to program the chip directly from outside the usb ?(with a programmer like JTAG, pickit or similar).
I also understand that this bin would turn the cme usb interface in a class compliant device, but if it is really not possible, why not provide the non class compliant 64bit driver. And if you also cannot do that, why not at least please release the driver source so maybe someone could modify it and built it for 64bit.

as a side-note: while trying to find myself a solution i also noticed the same VID_7104&PID_2202 is used by Miditech Midistart-2 (which seem to have xp 64bit driver, much toysh keyboard btw). That also mean Midistart-2 driver can be installed for uf, but not working. Just as a curiosity, do you know if they share the same micro-controller?

thank you