Just took my new CME Key Air out of the box.

I press the power button and nothing happens. No light goes on. (Is the battery discharged?)

I plug the unit into an independent USB charger and the unit powers up: Red light solid. Blue light blinks.

When powered this way it works via Blue Tooth with my laptop. But only if I use the Mac Utilities to manually connect it – then the blue light goes solid.

When I disconnect the independently powered USB cable the keyboard does nothing. No lights go on. Power does not work.

Note: The firmware is up to date.

Also…The power lights do not work as the directions describe they should work. The green light never goes on at all.

In addition… there is no mention in the directions of how to charge the unit. I assume you plug it into USB and let it sit… but for how long?

I’m wondering at this point if the unit is defective and I should return it.

I’m very confused and was hoping this would work right out of the box.