Thanks for replying Zhao,
I was referring to whole xKey Presets, example:
Saved Presets
Preset 1 – all keys send MIDI Control Change (key1 MIDI CC1 – key2 MIDI CC2 etc)
Preset 2 – all keys send Program Change (key1 PRG1 – key2 PRG2 etc
Preset 3 – (split) lower octave sends Program Change – upper octave (normal) note on/off
Preset 4 – (split) key1 PRG1 – key2 PRG2 – remaining keys normal play

… and a way to access above presets standalone on the xKey
octave+ and pitchbend+ (key1 – Preset1 // key2 Preset2…
octave+ and octave- (similar to the Transpose function).