Reality as of mid-December 2017:
1. Amazon US lists only “Xkey37” not the LE version, but ships the LE version. Amazon US does not offer the xcable. Amazon UK and Amazon France (haven’t checked others) do differentiate Xkey37 and Xkey37LE. Amazon US is supposedly shipping a replacement non-LE unit, but I won’t be too surprised if it’s another LE unit (but I WILL be very very annoyed).
2. Most US retailers listed on the “BUY XKEY” page at http://www.cme-pro.com do not in fact offer any Xkey models and many of the remaining few do not sell Xkey37.
3. I could find only one US online retailer that sells the xcable (as a “special order” item at an exorbitant price), and that retailer claims that Xkey37 (non-LE) is no longer available.

The bottom line is that CME has apparently confused its retailers, possibly has driven some to stop selling CME products, and is causing great annoyance (not mere inconvenience) for customers.

The packaging itself is probably confusing retailers; it has no text at all on the top, says only “Xket37” on the ends, and has a tiny “LE” in a gray circle on the BOTTOM of the box.

I now have an unusable expensive box waiting to be returned, it will take several more days for a replacement to arrive (which is likely to be an identical unusable box), and the only viable alternatives appear to be a special order that won’t arrive until next year — or buying a different brand MIDI keyboard.