Right here is some one who is complaining about a driver. Seems to have mistaken the configuration program for a driver, which it is not. Of course no one is complaining about no drivers, there are no people with enough MIDI devices to know the importance of the drivers. The DRIVER. for Windows users of this MIDI device *and others, is the key to unlocking your device’s full capabilities, which includes working simultaneously (concurrently) in ALL programs. This means you can open a desktop synth, a DAW, a live plugin chainer like Live Professor, a MIDIberry app (windows), another daw or two, and ten or twenty more software synths that are standalone EXEs running on your desktop (whatever your CPU will tolerate before it starts a fire on your Ikea bookshelf).

….and it’s impossible to connect via bluetooth LE to either of my Windows computers here, even the Intel BT driver (which supports BT headphones in Asio4All) can NOT connect to the Xkey Air via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which is supported since late 2016 in Windows.

I suspect that Xkey are only trying to sell their “widibuds” and will never correctly update their devices to connect via BLE in Windows. It may be only sub par for Apple users who also complain *(until they are cut off from replying by the shady logout system at the Xkey Air forum when you click on a topic thus disabling any reply) about disconnects.

As I have stated “Class Compliant” devices are sub par shite. Windows will only let them connect to one program so you have to keep a thru program open first for this device to work.

Hall of shame for the BLE *Bluetooth Low Energy not to be working by now. A Firmware Update would solve it, but the device responds to android pair requests with a bad passphrase or key message in Android, and in Windows 10 with the yellow “retry” pairing alert.

Not a good device.

I am currently reading about making drivers because I don’t really want to give up on this device. Partly cause I built a shelf for it on my Ikea rack, and partly cause it has aftertouch and is ultraslim. Also pretty sure it’s not my usb ports that are causing the disconnects I am experiencing. It disconnected a few times before I got the current USB device, and many others are here complaining about the disconnects.

Guys get real it’s time to build a driver for this device. It costs too much, and a good programmer could make a driver in very little time for this. Hire someone who knows how to do it, and fashion a driver after the M Audio Oxygen 8 or M Audio Legacy Keyboard that driver ROCKS the M Audio Oxygen 8 V2 EVERY DAY in EVERY PROGRAM with the SAME NAME that NEVER CHANGES. Here is yesterday’s second livestream I did where I stated clearly that the device was disconnecting and attempted a few methods to connect it. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=KGL9Q0wQ7ac

Folks look through my livestreams about drivers *I have titled a few specific ones for drivers about a month ago or less. It is a well known fact even Jerome knows it, and stated so in my prior post, the Class Compliant devices are shite and won’t connect to any but the first program to use them. If it doesn’t have a driver, don’t buy it!!!!!!!!! Akai has no driver, and neither does this. Yamaha keyboards have a driver. M Audio is good about creating drivers. These are the four I have knowledge about. And this is the worst, with its bluetooth fail and disconnects (well reported all over). The Bluetooth should be fixed in Windows by now, as I stated in my Xkey Air Forum post the bluetooth device for my Yamaha Reface, the MD BT01 works fine at connecting a MIDI to Windows without burning a USB port.

I will look into it, I will post it here if I manage to create a working driver for this.