Seriously. This needs a driver BAAAD. I KNOW there’s no one out there who can use this seriously with windows. It disconnects from Studio One after 1 minute, the second I play an aftertouch note. It disconnects similarly from Live Professor II. The only thing that holds this is a desktop CS80 synth from Arturia. However that at least proves that it can be held and is not the fault of my USB connection. The MidiBerry program which is the easiest way to get it back online again by disconnecting reconnecting with a quit of the MidiBerry and restart, and reselecting of the MIDI device and Loop out, is not able to hold this thing for long.

So therefore RECORDING of the Midi in is impossible with Studio One. Especially the aftertouch. Studio One freezes up too, when MIDI devices are removed and added on USB ports, so that’s not even an option.

This is worthless device without a driver. Windows users for sure should be advised NOT to purchase this device.

Too bad this will be worthless forever without a driver.