I am still attempting to get this thing to work properly. I also experience the problems that the guy with the Apple in your other forum posts described. It seems to shut off the USB port, and the port must be switched in order to work. I have doene some further sploration into the use of Higher LoopMidi signals/time before it will trigger the LoopMidi feedback detection. Although the LoopMidi reset from 35000 to 20000 after the Blue Screen Of Death which I believe was triggered when I ran the CME XKey on the same USB Hub as the interface. Either way, there were problems. With a 512 buffer size and the 35000 signal / 5 second ration it hung out a bit longer.

A driver will be necessary to get it to work without LoopMidi. Only way. With a driver it can be distributed as you said to “multi-client” ie many synth programs and daws at the same time. Thus LoopMidi can be denecessitated in the scenario.

Whether the Aftertouch will ever be recordable in Studio One is a whole different problem. Obviously the Studio One and some other DAWS handle this input different. If you search for aftertouch recording on the internet the Studio One is not reported to do this. It is reported that it works in some DAW. Don’t know and don’t have that DAW.

A driver will be necessary for this device. Meanwhile I have went in the XKEY program and dialed down the aftertouch to half the period and sensitivity. Not much else I can do without making a driver. When did you come up with the Beta Firmware? Why not put that out here for everyone to test? I am sure that people would like to download that one. I will take it, please send it to my account address.