Here is a list of problems the Xkey Air is throwing up in my situation.

Inside the daw, it will shut off and stop recieving signal from the xkey air MIDI device
It will be unavailable in the DAW from the moment that the DAW is started, and has proven to NOT be Reattatchable without ALL of the following:
Unplug and plug into a different USB port
restart the Xkey (especially in the case where it has shut off)
CLOSE any additional MIDI receiving programs (with the exception of LoopMidi which runs all the time)
THEN restart the DAW
reassign the track to the MIDI input

Now it will show up again for between 15 seconds all the way up to a few minutes.

I heard there was a guy on these boards who bought 6 of these things and was trying to run them in Windows…
sorry but I had to laugh thinking about that guy, tryin to run 6 of these Hydrogen powered beasts into Windows.

This device doesn’t work. Plain and simple.

Let me give you a scenario.

You open Studio One (as I have just in the last 30 minutes)
You run Xkey into a midi and watch the Yellow meter rising and falling with the inputted signals.
You drop the instrument “Analog Lab” from Arturia on the track and set the instrument to Nazgul preset
Before you can even play A NOTE, the Xkey has become disconnected.
I must be asking too much to expect a WHOLE DAW to open and run an instrument track with this thing.

Nightmare device. Would take a driver, or money back but I refuse to waste my time even turning this thing on from now on.