I suggested you that you check if a USB hub is causing your issue, your answer was :

“I shouldn’t even have to use a USB hub. !!! …. So Touche your comments about me being a dip who is having problems with his USB. Which I don’t appreciate, I know you’re trying to keep the flames away from the temple. But the only way to do so is to correct the problem with the Bluetooth. Everyone knows it, and no one oughtta have to burn a USB hub about this.”.

>> No comment.

Regarding the beta firmware that should connect to Win 10, please install this Xkey Plus version :
https://www.dropbox.com/s/rtleirkh4ibdroj/XkeyPlusV26BetaFw.zip?dl=0 (win version)

This version allows to burn beta firmware.
Open the soft, click bluetooth panel once your Xkey is detected, then check for bluetooth firmware, you should see the latest beta version 1.5

Once upgraded, switch off-on your unit, and connect to win 10 through bluetooth.
Let me know if this new firmware solves your issue.