YES YES YES….I am connected, over bluetooth, to my windows 10 machine…WITHOUT THE WIDIBUD!!! (though it only works with UWP apps)

You see…this was a big frustration for me…and I see the exchange above with the OP got a little tense…I was frustrated too, but I’m here to say thanks though, because I am REALLY glad this software now exists, even if just beta and not multi-client.

I have a Dell tablet with only 1 USB port and 1 USB C port. A big part of why I bought the xkey37 air was to save using a USB port…sure I could use a hub, but the whole idea was to be wire free…my mouse and typing keyboard are also bluetooth.

I went ahead and bought the WIDIBUD, but at that point I felt like I should have just bought the wired xkey.

This is great…when Windows finally updated their bluetooth to include the BLE stuff I was excited, and then disappointed that the xkey still didn’t work.

We still have the issue on android though…but I realize that’s the responsibility of the music app devs…there is ONE app on the google play store that’s basically a BLE test app…with that I can connect my xkey air over bluetooth to my samsung android tablet…and it works…the problem is any of the real music apps for Android – FL Studio Mobile, Caustic, G-Stomper…they still don’t recognize the xkey air…even though they claim to work with BLE…But that one test app proves that it’s possible. I realize that’s not something you guys can fix. And it’s frustrating because THAT tablet only has the one port, which I need to use for charging, so I can’t use an OTG adaptor with the WIDIBUD if I want to be sure the tablet stays powered up during a live performance.

And as for multi-client…I know it’s not coming…but one trick I do is connect the xkey air with a USB cable AND connect the WIDIBUD…then I can use the xkey (over USB) in one DAW, and the WIDIBID in another DAW…that at least gives me 2 apps at once..and I’m pretty sure MIDI-ox or something like that can turn the one actual device into several virtual devices that can all be used in various DAWS simultaneously. Haven’t tried.

Thanks again for this beta …I’ts working well with FL Studio Mobile on windows, which is a UWP app, and it reconnects if I power the Xkey down and back up.

It does NOT work with Reaper…but that is to be expected as it’s not a UWP app and Reaper doesn’t include support for BLE. ANd perhaps that’s the “Driver” we’d really like to see…

Perhaps it needs to exist as a UWP app that recognizes the xkey over BLE…and “streams” that incoming midi to a virtual midi device within the Windows native environment…But as stated by the OP, other brands have made their BLE MIDI devices compatible with “Desktop” windows programs. Frankly, those are the ones most musicians are using…FL Studio (non mobile version), Pro Tools, Reaper, Ableton Live, etc etc.

In other words it would show up as a MIDI device in any Windows DAW…not just UWP apps (like FL Studio Mobile) but 32 and 64 bit windows desktop apps.

But this bets is a great step, at least windows is now recognizing the Xkey and it works with FL Studio Mobile.