It’s not the USB hub that was causing my main issues. It turned out to be that I was sending something like 8000 aftertouch messages through loopMidi in less than 5 seconds and it was triggering the loopMidi feedback detection default of 5000 aftertouch messages in 5 seconds. So I turned down the sensitivity, and I set the loopMidi default up to 20000 messages in 3 seconds.
It also seems that it doesn’t work well in cheap usb ports. Because I also had that as an issue with a very cheap 2.0 USB hub. It worked fine in the very cheap USB 3.0 hub so far though, from the same company.

I haven’t tried this driver yet. the new Xkey plus but it’s on my to do list.
I now have two computer configuration so the bluetooth being used a 2nd time simultaneous to the wired computer, on the new computer is on my try to do list.