Ok. I tried it. It did an automatic update of the firmware. I still couldn’t connect via bluetooth. I then recieved a notification from my traffic monitor that it has 1 malware, the W32.eHeur.Malware09.
The file itself has a compilation timestamp from 2016-10-03 07:32:18.
it is easily unzipped.
I see JS is listed as the keymaster here. But to no avail. This still doesn’t work on my windows bluetooth LE. Maybe it will work after a restart but I highly doubt it. I am running the version of windows 1703, which I have vigilantly defended from update, and which would have been the active version at the time of this compilation.
I don’t understand why the 2.6 firmware is not downloaded by the original xkey program, which claims to search for firmware online.
End result: negative.
I went ahead and reinstalled the 2.4 firmware from my second computer which also has the xkey plus original. Doesn’t make much difference I guess. It’s still a pretty good keyboard for aftertouch.
Interesting to note that Windows app MidiBerry now is minimizable as I get the new system online and update apps which had not been updated in a long time.

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