Hi, you need to first of all use a good USB hub if that is somethig in your chain.
I found that my bad USB hub was the main reason for my problem with disconnecting

2nd of all you need to go into the orange xkey pgram and under the “timings” tab go down to note interval and set to 60ms
in timings tab also:
set aftertouch period” to 16ms (this is my settings) you may want it to bea longer period.

The problem I was having was that it would send so many messages via Poly aftertouh.

Additionally you need to be sure that you aren’t filtering out poly aftertouch in the midi input filter in pro tools

Additionally you need to make sure that in LoopMIDI (if you are using it) that you don’t set it to a low amount of messages (which is the default btw) such as 3000 / s. It should be up aruond 20000/s before feedback loop is triggered.

But yes the crappy usb port in a usb hub can be the main issue.
I have never had any problem with ble and the xkey 37 air using poly pressure.