Good news, I got the poly-aftertouch working. I figured out a couple tips that should be useful to other people. First regarding the aftertouch, for me the default – linear curve in the XKey Plus app just didn’t give me useful results. I switched it to the logarithmic scale alternative, then I tried it out with the Memorymoon ME80 CS80 clone software, which I knew is made for poly aftertouch, and playing around with the aftertouch settings got very useful result. Then I tried it on some other soft synths with various levels of success. TIP Keep the XKEY Plus app active, at least if you are working with a MAC with logic, because you’ll probably want to switch between channel and polyaftertouch depending upon your instrument.

I was shocked to find out that almost all the presets in Arturia’s CS-80V do NOT have polyAT activated as default. You have to go in there and assign Poly AT to stuff, which means you have to read the manual probably.

I am going to shift my attention to getting the Xkey Air working with my Mac. It worked fine via bluetooth with the iPad right out of the box. So far I only have it working with USB on the Mac. I think I might have a conflict with the driver to my Yamaha BT-01 driver. I am getting an error message from BLUETOOTH MIDI CONNECT.

Once I get it working with the Mac, I will either try to get it working with the Windows 10 michine via a WIDI adapter or with the iPad working as a network midi host.

(All of these things when I should be working. Well, that’s why I buy this stuff.)