I have the same issue. And every time I fix it, it lasts for a few weeks, then it starts happening again.

All firmwares are up to date.

All logic input settings are set to mirror system settings.

Logic is up to date.

Xkey battery is fully charged.

Xkey is connected natively through Audio Midi Setup bluetooth connection.

Xkey bluetooth connection works perfectly with all other apps.

All other apps except Logic are closed when i try to use the Xkey.

Xkey works fine over wired USB connection.

Was working perfectly last 2 weeks, on bluetooth, since the last time this happened and i fixed it by setting the input and output to “system settings” in Logic. No settings were changed, but now, the keyboard gets booted as soon as I open logic.

If I turn off the Xkey input port in Logic, then the keyboard stays connected via bluetooth, it just can’t be played in Logic.

I’m about to throw this thing out of the window.

I hate this.

Please help.