Xkey Air Windows 10 Setup

Problem: I can pair the Xkey Air 25 in Windows 10, but it won’t connect (i.e. no music programs see the Xkey Air as a midi device).
[As a side note, if I connect via the USB cable, music programs do see the Xkey Air as a USB Midi Device]

Question: Is there any way to connect the Xkey Air in a more simple manner than the process listed below?

Workaround Solution:

01. In the Windows Store, download and install the MIDIberry app.
02. Download and install the ‘loopMIDI” free software:


Xkey Air MIDI Device Setup
03. Power on the Xkey Air 25.
04. Using Windows 10 Bluetooth, pair with the Xkey Air. When successful, the Windows 10 “Bluetooth and Other Devices” window will show:
Xkey Air 25 BLE
05. Launch “loopMIDI”. Click the “+” button at the lower left of the screen:
— This will create the following MIDI port:
loopMIDI port
— Keep this app running
06. Launch “MIDIberry”. The main software window will be presented showing INPUT and OUTPUT:
— in the INPUT section, click on the “Xkey Air 25 BLE (Bluetooth MIDI IN)…” entry. The line will be highlighted in blue after being clicked
— in the OUTPUT section, click on the “loopMIDI Port [1]… entry. The line will be highlighted in blue after being clicked
— minimize the MIDIberry main software window
07. At this point, if you view the Windows 10 “Bluetooth & other devices” window, you will see:
Xkey Air 25 BLE
08. Open any Windows 10 music application , go to the MIDI Setup section and select “loopMIDI Port” as the MIDI IN Device.
Example KORG M1
— Select “System”, the “Preferences”, then select the “MIDI Settings” tab, then set “Device 1” as “loopMIDI Port”.

Example Spectrasonics Keyscape
— Select “View” (at the top left corner), then “Settings”. In the “Active MIDI Inputs” section, click on the “loopMIDI Port” checkbox

Example Native Instruments Kontakt 6
— At the top left corner select “File”, then “Options”. On the left side of the “Options” window select “MIDI”.
— Within “Inputs”, select the “loopMIDI Port”, and click on the “Status” entry to change the Status to “Port A”, then click “Close”.
09. You should be able to play the Xkey Air and the music app will receive the MIDI input.
10. When finished:
— Close the loopMIDI app
— Close the MIDIberry app