Hello. I am new (a week or two) to the Xkey, and could not be more excited by what it can do. I have it hooked up to my iPad, and use it with ThumbJam. While I know nothing, really, about MIDI, I am learning as I play with the settings. Basically, my questions are about the more advanced setups and key assignments.

1. At one point, I was able to set the two “pitch bend” arrows (the curved up and curbed down on the left, numbers 2 and 3 up from the bottom) so that they only added a semitone or a tone up or down. Now, I can’t figure out how to duplicate that.

2. Also, once, I was able to make the “waver” button (just above the curved pitch up) to work, but now it doesn’t.

I suspect I am just missing something simple about how to switch the app. I wish I were smarter with the app, but any further help you can give me or point me to will be appreciated.

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