I, too, have recently become interested in cryptocurrency. And this topic captivated me!

Regarding investing in cryptocurrency:

There is no universal answer to the question of which coin is worth investing in.
Each investor should do their own research and select coins that suit their risk profile and investment goals.
Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Besides simple buy & hold, there are several alternative ways to generate income with cryptocurrency:

Trading (trading): Buying and selling cryptocurrency on an exchange to profit from price fluctuations.
Staking: Locking cryptocurrency in a wallet to support the network and receive rewards.
Landing: Lending cryptocurrency to other users at interest.
Mining: Mining cryptocurrency using special equipment.

I recently introduced cryptocurrency into my core business as a way to pay clients. I simply found the best crypto payment providers
and they helped me with the implementation of a cryptocurrency gateway.

The result pleasantly surprised me!

The number of clients who pay with cryptocurrency is constantly growing.
The average receipt for cryptocurrency payments is higher than for regular ones.
Customers who pay with cryptocurrency are more loyal to the brand.

I am sure that cryptocurrency is the future of payments.