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    I just got an xkey37, and I’m having trouble getting aftertouch to behave the way I would expect it to. It seems way too sensitive. What I’m used to is traditional aftertouch such on a Korg Triton or Kronos, where you play a key with some velocity, and then to activate aftertouch you have to press through the key while it’s down. You have to lean on the key a bit to get an aftertouch value above 0. On the xkey it seems to start with mid-level values of aftertouch on every key press, no matter how light rather than needing to lean on the key after it’s down. With aftertouch mapped to vibrato for example, there’s no amount of key pressure I can apply that doesn’t have a large amount of vibrato. This is definitely not what I was expecting. How can I fix this to behave the way I want?

    btw, I sent this to cme customer support over a week ago and have yet to get a response.

    I have tried creating a custom aftertouch curve, but in order to get it to where I want, I’m left with practically an on/off switch starting at about 85% rather than an actual curve.

    I’m still within my return window at Sweetwater, and I’m inclined to return it if I can’t get it to work in a way that I’m comfortable with.

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