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    I’m trying to change the software parameters for the pitch wheel. New calibrate the pitchbend-Wheel.
    The technical physical function of the wheel is okay: After viewing the software version (by pressing “master” + ”assign” button and turn on), you can test every hardware in a test mode, also the function of the pitchbend-wheel.
    It already shows the value 127 at half way up (!) and down halfway the value 000 (!) and the mean value is 64 (that’s correct). The pitchbend-wheel himself works so physically correct, but it isn’t adjust correctly to the complete range of the potentiometer (PB-Wheel), just the full rotary range of the Poti.
    Value 127 or 000 by half-turn of the PBWheel, then after the half-turn no changes until the end point.
    Now, I mean in the V.2.1 the bending-wheel works complete correct (But I’m not shure). That would have struck me otherwise.
    But other functions didn’t work properly in version 2.1, therefore I updated to V.2.3.
    Is this a problem by Vers. 2.3 ?
    I can’t find other users in the Web with this problems, no Forum or other insider information in the web.
    Do I have a single case? Can you help me? I don’t know what to do.
    There’s no Audio-Softwareproblem, my other Keyboards works with the same Audiosoftware correctly (PB-function).
    Many, many thanks for help! I know the Procedure for Model UF (Calibration PB-Wheel) but I don’t know the combi of Buttons for the VX.
    kind regards, bye



    Thanks very much for your message and sorry for the troubles.
    I’m the tech suppor from CME. I haven’t gotten the report from other user about this problem. If you update VX firmware under Windows XP OS and do reset your keyboard after upgrade? Please try to do the V2.3 firmware upgrade again to see if helpful.
    PS: If you can use a MIDI monitor software to check the MIDI data of pitchbend wheel? Thanks.
    If you like, you can send me mail to discuss your problem:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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