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    JetBlue is one of the most prominent airlines across the globe. You can get the best services when booking a flight with JetBlue airlines. So, if you are thinking or wondering over, Does JetBlue charge to book over the phone? Then, you should refer to the information written below as it has got all of the information. Carry on and follow it till the end.

    What is the charge to book over the phone?

    To your astonishment, yes, you are supposed to pay the charges when you make a JetBlue airline booking over the phone. For whatever the cause, changing, rescheduling, reservation, or booking, you are supposed to pay $ 20 – $30 to do it all over the phone.

    How can you talk to JetBlue airline services?

    You can follow the steps written below to talk over the phone call with JetBlue airline’s assistant.

    dial the official number of JetBlue airlines.
    Then you will connect with the IVR to confirm your language and reason for getting in touch with the JetBlue assistant.
    Press on the number accordingly and then hear the IVR processing your request.
    Once all of it is processed, you will hear the IVR connecting you to the human assistant. The human assistant will then be able to provide you with the help you require.

    Not only booking the airline through the airline but there are also a lot of other queries you can ask over the phone call, such as:

    Changing the flight details
    Asking for refund
    Canceling a flight

    How do I talk to a real person at JetBlue?

    So, this is how you can talk to a real person at JetBlue. You can easily get to talk to a live person at JetBlue through the method above. Apart from the same, you have various other communication methods to get in touch with the customer services of Jet Blue Airlines.

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