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    Dear CME,
    I’m very happy with this keyboard, it fits totally to my actual musical set-up, and transportation is a big matter on this.

    The 37 key Air model is great, however, it would be very easy and totally wonderfull if I could extend the keyboard with a left-panel-less version of the keyboard in order to join the right border of the original keyboard with the non panel version. So I could transport a 6 octave keyboard into my bag-pack, what do you think?



    Zhao Yitian

    Thanks very much! Many customers asked similar request, we will try to find the best way to do it in the future. 😉


    I would like this very much as well. I would certainly buy one and recommend it to others!

    Even better from my point of view would be a 49-key (or even a 61 key) version of the XKey Air without any left panel buttons. Preferably even the frame width would be minimal to allow the most natural playing across the two keyboards.

    A quick-attachment method could be developed to hold the two boards together when you weren’t using them on a table?

    A 49-key version without the left panel keys could be made about 29″ wide, which could still be used on your lap by itself, or combined with the 37-key unit to make an 86-key nearly full-size unit.

    Zhao Yitian

    Thanks very much dear Tfort! We need to get enough budget to make this happen, will try our best. 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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