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    anyone knows how to play songs like the above?

    What chords are being used from duration to duration? what kind of melody, what kind of arpeggio, what kind of (name any musical technique here), wwhat kind of lick/ rhythm.
    And how do you perfect any of those aspects? is it one by one, or everything at the same time?


    Good songs, I would also be interested to know how they can be played. In general, it would be good to download these songs from YouTube to my poppy. I do not know if there is such a way, but I would be very happy if you share it with me this way. Thank you in advance.


    Hello. These are really great songs. I think I’ll download them myself. If you don’t know how to download them for yourself on your Mac, I can give you a link to a great blog on how to do it. You can find out more information here. Now you can download YouTube audio and listen without an internet connection. I hope I have been helpful to you.


    i like it


    Hello everyone. I love music very much, so I want to start playing the piano. But I don’t know where to buy it. If you have such information, please share it with me. Thanks in advance.


    Hello! I understand what you mean and I can help you with that. Now I really like to play the piano, it’s my hobby. If you want to play piano too, why not check out for a great-sounding piano? I strongly advise you to come here so as not to miss this opportunity. Good luck!


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    Yes, these are incredibly cool songs from YouTube. I love such songs from YouTube and often use YouTube to Mp3 converter to be able to listen to these songs in mp3 format on my phone. In my opinion, listening to songs in an mp3 playlist is much more convenient. you can also go to this free resource and convert any youtube song to mp3 version. I hope my advice on choosing an online converter will be useful to you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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