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    The word “essay” has a rather mediocre relationship to the English language, since its historical roots are French and Latin. An essay is an essay of a light prose genre, of small volume and free writing, and many educational institutions, including English schools for children, today require that students know the rules of writing an essay in English. The reason for this is the inclusion of this task in the unified state exam.

    Let’s try to figure out how to write my homework done reviews in English so that it fully complies with the required standard. Previously, you had only 40 minutes to write a paper, which you had to use wisely: carefully read the assignment, draw up a plan for your future creation and put it on paper. In 2012 there were changes in the standards and extra time is allocated for the foreign language exam, it can be successfully spent on writing an essay. Moreover, this year the outline of the task is clarified, which will also be a great help for the future polyglot. The standard essay size is 200-250 words; anything less is worth 0 points. If your work is somewhat larger, the examiner will only assess only 250 words, the rest of the text will remain unattended.

    To get a beautiful and logical text, you need to understand the task correctly. Teachers of English courses in St. Petersburg advise to study the task as carefully as possible. Most often it represents one or two sentences and includes elements of the “for” and “against”. If the plan is already specified in the assignment, then you can start writing the essay. If not, the next step is to make a plan: come up with several arguments in favor of one or the other point of view, represent them in the form of a diagram on paper and begin the work.

    In the first paragraph of the essay, you should introduce the reader to the matter, for this you should disclose the topic of the issue and indicate all points of view (in this case, there will be two). You should not make the introduction too voluminous, two or three extended sentences will be quite enough.

    The main part.
    It is considered to be the most important part of the essay, it is where you should provide the reader with both positions and your arguments to them. Each point of view should be presented in a separate paragraph, for example, in the first paragraph you present the arguments “for” social networks, in the second – “against”. You should provide three arguments for each point of view.

    This is a small concluding paragraph of three or four sentences, in which you summarize the information you have said and express your own opinion on the issue.

    In the introduction, try to state the key idea, it is best to do it in the form of a brief succinct statement or a quote that fits the meaning. In the second part, you can give illustrative examples to prove your point of view on the issue. Use more adverbs and adjectives, as well as synonyms for verbs and other words. This will make the text colorful and lively. Use simple, but high-quality and literate English, remember – mistakes in the text are not welcome. Each part of your essay should flow smoothly into the next, and you should end it with a logically complete conclusion. To do this, use special vocabulary, which is designed to help you present your thoughts in a coherent manner.

    Have you decided to enroll in an online English course? Now you know how to write an English essay, which means you have all the chances to pass the state exam with “excellent”!


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