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    Hi! I recently adopted the most energetic Husky mix puppy, Luna. I’m looking for mentally stimulating toys to keep her busy when I’m away or need her to settle at home in Metro Detroit. She loves to chew and paw at things. Do you have any recommendations for interactive puzzle toys or feeders? Things that I can put treats or kibble in for her to work to get them out? Durable enough that she won’t destroy them instantly? I’m open to all suggestions to keep this bright girl engaged!


    Congrats on your new fur baby, Luna! Huskies are known for their energy, so you’re definitely on the right track looking for stimulating toys. I went through a similar phase with my lab mix, Max. He’s a chewer too, and what really worked for us were puzzle feeders. These toys are fantastic because they engage their brains and keep them busy. One option I really like is a durable treat-dispensing ball. Max spends hours rolling it around to get his kibble out.
    Also, I recently stumbled upon a website, , which has a great selection of recommended products. They’ve got a variety of durable interactive toys and feeders that might just be perfect for Luna.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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