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    I have had very bud luck with my 2 xKey keyboards, specifically with the physical micro USB connection on both of them (and yes, I am using the provided cable). It seems that the connecting port just isn’t very sturdy. My xKey 37 Air no longer powers up and my xKey 25 USB only powers up if I hold the cable a specific way. Both of these keyboards are out of warranty (one is just over 2 years old and the other is probably more than 5 years old).

    Is it a common issue for these connectors to go bad? Has the physical connection been updated in recent models ? I really like these keyboards and would consider replacing one or both of them if the sturdiness has been improved.



    Do you think security requirements will increase in the context of USB device management, and what innovations in this area can make interactions with devices even more secure and reliable?


    Security in the context of USB device management is becoming increasingly important as data volumes increase and digital integration expands. Innovations in data encryption, authentication mechanisms and access control are expected to be key factors in providing a high level of protection, read more here. What specific security measures do you consider most important for the future of device management via USB technology?


    Have u used any wireless USB solutions? What has been your experience, and have you found any additional benefits or considerations in implementing such a setup?

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