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    Larry Elliott

    I bought a new CME UF80 a few years ago from Sweetwater. Recently a lower register G note stopped sending midi signal to my DAW (Logic X and Logic 9 – both).

    I thought it was an issue with a contact, but decided to try transposing the note from the actual UF80. In doing so, the G became F# and it worked perfectly – however, my new G note would then be Ab and wouldn’t work as long as that G note was being triggered. I tried moving the octave, and wherever that particular G note was to be generated from, it would not work when transmitting, but whatever note replaced it on the actual G physical piano key, that one worked until I moved everything back.
    At times, that G when using an instrument that has release triggers, will produce a slide bass guitar “after effect” sound but only occasionally.

    Thanks! (Sorry for the long explanation – I am left-handed :/ )

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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