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    Hello all,

    I have an Xkey 37 that I’ve successfully used in the past. However, it recently started not being recognized by multiple PCs I have – I am getting the red blinking light on the LED display. Ableton does not recognize that it is plugged in, and even the Xkey Plus app does not detect it is plugged in. I would appreciate any help troubleshooting this. Thank you


    It was a pretty useful piece of information! I’ve only recently aluminum doors suppliers started doing this, and I’m getting a lot more comfortable with it! Thank you, and keep up the fantastic work.


    If you are good in Arduino, you coul easily build a working controller board. The one inside the Xkey is not reasonably designed.
    Servibe is non-rxistent, so do not expect any response from CME or their consorts.


    What you could do before throwing the thing to the junk box:
    Open Xkey Plus and try firmware flashing.

    Docs & Downloads


    I’m having the same problem. Used to work fine, now blinks red when I connect it via usb. I tried Xkey Plus app, but it just says “Xkey not connected”. Is there no support for this, @cmeadmin?

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