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    Rigelonic has helped us extend our marketing activities by supporting both organic and paid social media strategies. Our account representative is prompt and professional in communicating with us, and Rigelonic the best software house in karachi platform makes collaboration easy, helping it rank among the best software houses in Karachi.


    The company you introduced is developing software in the credit sector? if yes then contact me plz!


    Something I have not heard about the company that was indicated above before. These newbies?


    Hi. I think you should seek help from the software for credit union, because as any business owner you should follow, it is to use any means to optimize all work processes. I have been using for a long time and I know that this platform has provided many successful fintech solutions for my business, especially related to customer lending.


    What is ML, and why are machine learning algorithms an underrated yet Invaluable Asset for the Fintech Landscape?


    Hello. Machine learning has many applications. So it really depends on what you call “”interesting””, which is subjective. Since different people have different interests, and since I have no idea what you are interested in, I will just list some typical applications.
    One of the main use cases for machine learning in banking or finance is Machine learning is best for this use case because it can scan huge amounts of transactional data and determine if there is any unusual behavior.

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    Depending on what kind of applications you need to develop.
    It is advisable to look for companies that have cases for the development of similar applications.
    Of those developers that I heard firsthand – the guys from worked on useful applications for social networks – in particular for YouTube. To be more precise – for streams on YouTube.
    Yet again, see what you need.


    I believe that the key to providing quality services is qualified employees, writers with doctoral degrees.

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