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    I have an XKey 37 connected to a Mac Pro running OS 10.9.8 and Logic Pro X. Latest firmware confirmed, reset to factory defaults, and connected via USB only (not with MIDI breakout cable). Nord Lead going into a MOTU Micro Lite MIDI interface.

    When I press on the keys for more than the merest moment, that note sticks until I trigger that note again. It doesn’t stick when I press and release IMMEDIATELY, but if I sustain any note, it never releases that note until it gets another really fast note on/note off again. I just confirmed this does not occur with a Novation ReMOTE 25 via MIDI, so it’s not a setting in Logic or the Nord Lead.

    Thoughts on how to correct this?

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    Zhao Yitian

    Hi Noisejocky,
    This is weird, we did not heard similar problem before. Could you please try to use our free software the Xkey PLUS to switch off the polyphonic aftertouch, then try it again? Or maybe you can test it with a simple MIDI monitor software to see whether there are any strange MIDI message were sent from the Xkey37? If there is no special message found, I guess maybe the aftertouch message was set to some control message in your system.
    Please send the email to [email protected], we will reply to you in time.


    I have the same problem on my Xkey 25. Emailed support on the 19th of February but as yet no reply. Please help 🙂



    Zhao Yitian

    Hi Steve,

    Sorry, it seems we did not receive your email, maybe it was lost somewhere. Can you resend it to us?
    Did you try to switch off the polyphonic aftertouch?


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