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    Tibet is a magical place with countless beautiful legends and beautiful scenery, and it is also a fascinating place. You may have been longing for Tibet for a long time, and now you are finally embarking on a journey. When you travel to Tibet; you must be full of joy and have many questions. There is a huge difference between Hong Kong and Tibet, and there is not much experience when entering Tibet for the first time, so there are too many things to pay attention to.

    What documents do Hong Kong people need to prepare for Tibet entry permit application?

    Under normal circumstances, Hong Kong tourists and mainland tourists have basically the same procedures for entering Tibet, and mainland tourists can also take the routes Hong Kong tourists can take. Therefore, Hong Kong tourists holding home visit permits do not need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit when traveling to Tibet. However, there are still some differences in document preparation. Below are the documents you need to bring when traveling from Hong Kong to Tibet.

    Home Return Permit
    Hong Kong residents need a Home Return Permit to travel to Tibet. The Permit is a pass for Hong Kong residents to travel to and from the mainland and a document to prove their identity. Tourists from Hong Kong must carry this document with them whenever they travel to the mainland.

    Border Pass
    If Hong Kong people want to go to remote areas, such as Shannan, Mount Everest Base Camp, Ngari area, etc., they also need to apply for a Border Pass. The handling of the specific border control permit is more complicated, and you need to entrust a local travel agency in Tibet to handle it. After you book our Tibet travel service, we can provide you with this help for free.


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