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    Zhao Yitian

    [Important] *** Xkey Air instruction ***

    For Mac (Thanks to Martin Jensen for writing this steps),

    1. [cmd] + [space]
    2. Search for “audio MIDI setup”
    3. Press “window” on the top menu bar.
    4. Press “view MIDI-studio.
    5. Double-click the big bluetooth-icon on the MIDI-studio interface.
    6. The xkey should appear on the list, when it does press connect.

    For Garageband on iOS (both iPad and iPhone),

    Please open Garageband and go to “setup” – “Advanced” [– switch on “Run in Background” (for v2.1)] – “Bluetooth MIDI Devices – connect your Xkey Air.


    (Thanks to Martin Jensen for writing this steps)
    1. Turn on bluetooth on your ipad.
    2. Turn on you xkey air.
    3. Download “midimittr” (any other bluetooth midi connecter should work, but midimittr is free so I’ll use it for this guide)
    4. Press the menu-button in the top left corner.
    5. Press “clients”.
    6. Your xkey should be on the list, connect it.
    7. Open the menu and go back to “routing”, select your xkey as source and destination.
    8. Open garageband (or whatever kind of program you use).
    9. It should now work!
    If you play for more than 60 minutes, the default setting for midimittr is to close the connection after that long (I think), but it can be changed in the settings.

    Please make sure that you update the Bluetooth firmware of your Xkey Air by using Xkey Plus, so that you can connect to latest version of Garageband on iOS via BLE MIDI successfully.

    For other OS platform

    We recently found the Xkey Air was no longer able to connect to the latest version of GarageBand (v2.1) on iOS (9.2.1), while it is still working correctly on GarageBand for MacOS.

    While the original firmware of Xkey Air is still working correctly on GarageBand for MacOS, we have released a new firmware to incorporate this change.

    You are invited to update your keyboard following the simple steps below:

    – Download the Xkey Plus software for Mac and iOS (on the Apple store), or for Windows (from our website).
    – Connect your Xkey Air to a USB port (firmware updates are done through USB, not bluetooth).
    – Once detected, open the “Bluetooth*” panel and click “Check firmware” button to update your firmware to the latest version 1.3

    *Please note there are two updatable firmware your Xkey, one is for the wired part (firmware available from Xkey Plus first panel), one is for the Bluetooth part (firmware available from Xkey Plus “Bluetooth” panel), we are talking here about the Bluetooth firmware.

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    • This topic was modified 7 years, 8 months ago by Zhao Yitian.

    Just got the new XAIR 37 bluetooth. Updated both firmware thru XKEY PLUS app. The blue light for the bluetooth
    will not come on at all. App does not recognize the bluetooth, nor iPad or computer. Tried the factory reset
    with the 2 octrve buttons held down while plugging in usb cord.I cannot get the bluetooth blue lite to even come
    on or blink or nothing. Fixing to go out on tour in 2 weeks and i want to carry this with me but i need
    the bluethooth to work.HELP!!!

    Zhao Yitian

    Does other LED come on? The red and green LED? Can you try to update the Bluetooth firmware again? Maybe the previous update was not done completely.


    Yes, the red comes on when powered on and the green comes on when charging but goes off when charged.
    But no blue light.I can get it to work with the usb cord but does not even recognize bluetooth.
    Have updated firmware several times keeps telling me after update each time your firmware is the latest


    Hi Zhao,
    The order # is 126242-172948
    Serial # od47333331323737001E003E
    Country USA
    Bobby Buchanan
    309 Macomb’s rd
    Belton SC 29627

    I did not have your email address so i put it on here.
    Thank you


    309 McCombs rd
    Sorry there was a slight mistake in the road name.


    Hi Zhao,
    Can you give me the address to return this one, or send me an email to return it.

    Zhao Yitian

    Please send the email to including above information, so that I can forward to our distributor, it is difficult to ask them to check the forum. Thanks!


    Just took my new CME Key Air out of the box.

    I press the power button and nothing happens. No light goes on. (Is the battery discharged?)

    I plug the unit into an independent USB charger and the unit powers up: Red light solid. Blue light blinks.

    When powered this way it works via Blue Tooth with my laptop. But only if I use the Mac Utilities to manually connect it – then the blue light goes solid.

    When I disconnect the independently powered USB cable the keyboard does nothing. No lights go on. Power does not work.

    Note: The firmware is up to date.

    Also…The power lights do not work as the directions describe they should work. The green light never goes on at all.

    In addition… there is no mention in the directions of how to charge the unit. I assume you plug it into USB and let it sit… but for how long?

    I’m wondering at this point if the unit is defective and I should return it.

    I’m very confused and was hoping this would work right out of the box.


    Hi Churaxino
    This seems to be a hardware issue.
    The green LED should light when your battery is charging through the USB cable, and should be off once the charge is complete.
    It seems your battery is not charging (Green LED always off) and this explains why it works only when the cable is connected.
    Could you please check with your retailer / distributor for an exchange of this faulty unit ?


    Thank you Jerome. I’ll do that.


    Bought an XKey Air 37.

    It will not connect to iPAd via the included USB Cable & CCK. Cable is fine as I checked it works with a different device.

    The Xkey Air Green light is lit but is not recognised by the XKey Plus app on iPad Pro (iOS 10,3,2).

    Please advise


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    Zhao Yitian

    Did you press the power switch button to switch the Xkey Air on?


    Just had this resolved over on Facebook. Yes, thank you, it was that the on button. Seems simple but the green button being lit and then the blue light flashing when switched on instinctively made me believe this was a ‘toggle’ on switch, i.e USB/Bluetooth.

    Happy to have this resolved. I did take another look at the instructions leaflet and it could possibly be a little more detailed with steps required. Hopefully this post may at least help others thinking the same.

    I feel like I’ve been in an epsiode of ‘The IT Crowd’ 🙂

    Zhao Yitian

    Haha… cool! Thanks for confirm this. 🙂

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