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    I think that soon everyone will be able to evaluate the possibility of autonomous driving through electric cars It goes without saying that at the moment the technologies have not yet reached such a level directly, but everything is going to this. I also want to note a decrease in the emission and their complete absence into the environment, as well as a decrease in noise. Also, I believe that this is a very good dignity. So there are only pluses.


    Other benefits of an electric car
    1. Safety for the urban environment. Zero exhaust means that the air around us becomes cleaner.

    2. Less noise – in large cities with electric transport, life is much more comfortable.

    3. Simplified design – repairs are cheaper and take less time.

    4. Better dynamics. Maximum torque is reached from low revs, the electric car pulls ahead at a traffic light.

    5. Safety. The center of gravity is shifted down where the battery is. Because of this, electric vehicles roll over less often and are better controlled during sharp maneuvers.


    Hello. I think that if you plan to take a car for everyday life, then this should be a fairly economical option. After all, at present, fuel is quite expensive. From this page you will find a useful blog listing the most economical cars in terms of fuel consumption. For example Mitsubishi Mirage spends only 6.2 L/100 km which is incredibly profitable.

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