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    Does anyone know if the xcable can be used on the original xkey, thanks.


    No, Xcable is not compatible with Xkey 25 first generation, Xcable requires a XPort to connect to.


    I am trying to use 6 xkey keyboards and the midi routing for sustain / expression is being a nightmare in daw and or using a midi router.. any chance well see an xport on the 25 soon?

    Zhao Yitian

    Sorry, no way to add Xcable for origianl Xkey 25 keys version. Please let us know what is the problem for you to do midi routing for pedals, we will try to help.


    Will there be an xkey 25 version 2 with xport?
    i’m trying to route 12 pedals to 6 xkeys then to Vienna Ens. pro via Nuendo 7

    My planned setup

    Like this.. and its seems that sustain over midi is hard to 1. isolate.
    2. because the way windows enumerates devices its going to be hard to re-attach them any way in nuendo or in vienna.
    I wish we could Name the individual keybaords.. would go a long way to finding which one is the right one to reconnect to.
    rather then xkey1 xkey2 xkey3 like windows shows them. I would love to hardcode the identifier name.
    As you can see in my picture link. If i unplug these it will be annoying enough the way windows will just random assign them when re-connecting via a usb hub.


    If i had 25 key versions with the xport then i wouldn’t need to route them via the audiofront pedal adaptors.
    i wouldn’t need those at all.

    worst case i just need to re-connect the 6 keybaords to their correct midi in’s

    Mostly im just saying there seems to be a need for xport on all your products not just the 37.
    would be great in a firmware update to be able to Name the xkeys with a unique identifier that shows up
    as the midi device name


    Also another quick question…. – once i setup a particular xkey to be on midi ch 1 or 2 or what have you..
    what does the xport attached pedals do.. as far as channel goes? Is it tied to the keyboard’s midi channel? Does or just control that keyboard regardless ignoring midi?


    Never mind i see the editing function.. sweet.. Though Still don’t know if i will need routing on the other end.. to limit it

    Zhao Yitian

    Please ask for any support at any time. 😉

    Zhao Yitian

    This is crazy!!! Are you preparing the system for Vangelis? This is out of my knowledge, I will ask out CTO to check this. 😉


    LOL no… I am not associated with him at all.

    However I was working on my last album and used an mpk88 Akai and mapped the sliders to instruments and buttons to mutes. As I was composing I would fade in and out parts I wanted live.. this got me to thinking… and I eventually found a video of Vangelis using his awesome setup.. I then spent a month trying to figure out from the video how he was doing this. Then I started to try and prototype a setup using your wonderful keyboards… The Poly Aftertouch was very attractive.. The hardest part is the routing of the cc’s and pedals.. and the CME 37 with the Xport makes that much easier now.

    Now only if windows didn’t mess up USB devices each time you rebooted and plugged them into a hub.

    Here is the video that inspired me:

    Zhao Yitian

    Cool! I saw this video before, it was amazing!
    Yes, the Xkey37 has pedal connections, it will be easy. For USB issue, you may mark the Xkeys and plug them into the USB HUB in a certain sequence each time, so that you always fix them in right number. 😉

    By the way, welcome to join our facebook group:

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    So to make sure i understand.. this is true. i # all the devices. 1 – 13 so far in my case. I make sure i put them in order the same slot on the same hub.. i will likely need 2 hubs.. but as long as i put them back in the same slots and add them one at a time 1 -> 13 in order.. then map it all. once that is done. if i reboot or shut down disconnect everything.. i should be able to put each device back in its same port on the same hubs in order… one at a time.. and windows WON”T change its name?

    Zhao Yitian

    Hi, I think Windows will change the names anyhow, but I guess the order number should be same as you pluged. Please try with 2 or 3 devices in your system and see whether this is ok. Sorry, I also have no experience with such many USB MIDI devices.


    So far the Xkey’s and the pedals are doing their job happily… i have 3 hooked up now.. i will be swapping out the 25’s for 6 of the 37s with pedals on each.

    So far only had issues with the Korg NanoKontol units… Though after installing the Korg driver and hiding the USB port numbers from windows using the korg driver windows is being less stupid. Seems all devices correctly so far re-connect to both Nuendo and Vienna Ensemble Pro Plugin Host.

    I will have to make a video once this monster rig is setup.

    Thank you again for your help.. this is a fun but difficult project.

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