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    I bought a new xkey air and when i connect try to connect it, it doesn’t show up in my iPhone 5s or mac osX bluetooth list..
    The blue light is blinking . When i connected the wire , the device is working properly . I tried updating firmware . Did the bluetooth firmware update also..
    iphone version 9.3.5
    Mac osx 10.9.5

    Basically the problem is the xkey doesn’t show up in any of my device bluetooth list…

    Can someone please help me out


    Same here…did you solve this?

    Zhao Yitian

    Hi all,
    The Xkey Air connects iOS and Mac OS devices via Bluetooth MIDI, it is not through normal Bluetooth connection. Please check below video list, it shows how to connect for all platform.
    – Mac OS: Please go to “Audio MIDI setup” to connect.
    – iOS: Please go to each App to connect, or use common Bluetooth MIDI app to connect.

    Zhao Yitian

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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