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    Hello. I am the owner of xkey25 and it is very useful as a midi keyboard for korg and arturia soft synths. One of the few compact keyboards that supports poly aftertouch is great.

    I have a question. The xkey25 I purchased was a second-hand product that has not been operated.
    I purchased it on the assumption that I would repair it myself, but as expected, I was able to confirm that the micro usb jack was damaged. So I installed and soldered the same standard usb parts and I can use them without problems.

    But what worries me is that I didn’t solder the 4 terminals of the micro usb jack and the 4 contacts on the PCB board. Because when I set the usb jack, I found that the 4 terminals are difficult to work with, and it is not easy to solder in a far and very small place.

    I determined that it was not soldered by the manufacturer, so I soldered the legs of the jack firmly to the board and it worked fine.

    What I want to ask is whether my work is correct. Even the manufacturer doesn’t solder the 4 usb terminals just by firmly contacting the board? Or is it soldered with sophisticated technology?
    I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

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