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    Hey Guys, I’m with a problem with my xkey37. I tryied factory reset, update firmware, change CCs. But not work.
    When I play one key, it play 2 keys toghether on the computer…and some keys dont work.
    Anybory have the same problem?

    Zhao Yitian

    Hi Fabricio, please contact our local distributor to get support, it seems the hardware problem.


    I have the same exact problem but with only two keys. No keys stopped working but the C and D keys from the top octave both play both C & D notes. Very annoying.

    Zhao Yitian

    Replied your email. It seems the hardware issue. Please contact our Germa distributor for support.


    Had the same problems.
    Contacted distributor.
    No response.
    Contacted again.
    No response.
    Contacted CME Pte. Ltd., no response.
    Started reverse engineering.
    As far as I have found out, the Velostat patches age in combination with the adhesives used in laminating the keyboard circuit, so does the silver conductive.
    This keyboard just fades away and the controller board and firmware are not capable of handling this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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