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    correction thats a 900 byte download not KB. The way it updated the xkey automatically is irreplicable as well. Seems as though there is no knowing what this is doing if anything. Can’t get any replication of the first unfathomable “firmware update” which was initiated automatically when I started the program beta xkey. Anyone having any idea what this does, or if it really is a version 2.6 of some kind. Which is what that web diagnostic, stemming from my traffic monitor’s lookup, called the file version for the xkey exe.


    the page here:
    lists no 2.6 firmware change list for the xkey.


    ok this may work now. sorry but in this forum i have long since given up on editing and other things that are mostly greyed out.
    It is in the bluetooth tab, it can be updated from 1.4 to 1.5. This hopefully will work.
    Still don’t know why we needed the download from Jerome, unless that was to some how make this work in the old xkey plus program which I have just used to update the bluetooth firmware, via my other computer which I never installed the beta firmware on. I am going to try connecting…
    …it worked!
    Thanks.\It is now connected to the 2nd pc via cable, and 1st pc via bluetooth.


    I’m commenting here as there has been no response to the thread I started more than a week ago. I’m having very similar issues to those of the others in this thread. I have xkey air, using pro tools 12 on a mid 2012 MacBook w El Capitan. Xkey won’t stay connected for more than a few seconds once PT is opened. I’ve been in touch w Sweetwater and they agreed there was an issue and said they’d reach out to CME. I haven’t heard back from them, I’m guessing because they’ve received no response from CME. Anyway I’m not nearly savvy enough to understand all the tech speak above, but I’d sure like my Bluetooth keyboard to work, and I’d sure like some support from CME customer support. So far, no luck on either of those fronts. Maybe this post will change that.

    Zhao Yitian

    Please try:
    1. Use Xkey Plus to update the firmware of Xkey Air.
    2. Use Xkey Plus to update the Bluetooth firmware of Xkey Air (on Bluetooth tab).
    3. Do “reset to factory”.
    4. Check your PT, if in MIDI OUT list you can see Xkey Air, please unselect it to avoid the MIDI loop issue.


    Nope. I updated the firmware for xkey and bluetooth. I reset to factory. My out in PT is EZDrummer. Still doesn’t work.

    Zhao Yitian

    We replied Sweatwater few days before.
    Actually our musician tested on below configuration and we cannot reproduce your iasue:
    Mac OS: 10.14
    Pro Tools First: 2018.7.0
    Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 6.0.8f6

    Here is the video instruction of Bluetooth midi connection of Xkey Air, just 8n case you want to check it again.

    There was one user reported another issue, maybe it relates to your situation, please check below:
    Fixed – I believe the issue is if you migrate your data from one mac to another – i.e. new computer – you must delete the old midi configuration and let it re-recognize theCME keyboard


    I followed the instructions from Sweetwater. Some progress made… pro tools is open. Xkey is connected and is staying connected. PT recognizes it. In Peripheral -> midi controller I have type:hui, rcv from: xkey, send to: mini grand 1. But MG1 is not responding. If I use mouse it’s fine but it shows now input from xkey. Anything you can suggest based on that?


    Also, it’s not a new computer.

    Zhao Yitian

    I am not so familiar with Protools, but I think you should select kind of general midi controller keyboard from input like any other midi keyboard but not “hui”. I remembered HUI is a mixing controller template.


    Hi, you need to first of all use a good USB hub if that is somethig in your chain.
    I found that my bad USB hub was the main reason for my problem with disconnecting

    2nd of all you need to go into the orange xkey pgram and under the “timings” tab go down to note interval and set to 60ms
    in timings tab also:
    set aftertouch period” to 16ms (this is my settings) you may want it to bea longer period.

    The problem I was having was that it would send so many messages via Poly aftertouh.

    Additionally you need to be sure that you aren’t filtering out poly aftertouch in the midi input filter in pro tools

    Additionally you need to make sure that in LoopMIDI (if you are using it) that you don’t set it to a low amount of messages (which is the default btw) such as 3000 / s. It should be up aruond 20000/s before feedback loop is triggered.

    But yes the crappy usb port in a usb hub can be the main issue.
    I have never had any problem with ble and the xkey 37 air using poly pressure.


    Windows 10

    Hi, I had a lot of trouble connecting this expensive bluetooth midi controller, so I can use it in Ableton and Reason, etc. Here is my current workaround, it ain’t pretty:

    1. Get Windows to at least pair with the bluetooth xkey. For me, it flashed ‘Connected’ for a second, then went to ‘Paired’.

    2. I installed loopMIDI, and clicked the button to create a new port instance.

    3. I installed MIDIBerry from the Microsoft store. This lets you select your input and output, allowing you to map the bluetooth xkey to something else, e.g. a loopMIDI port. I selected xkey BLE for the input, and the new loopMIDI port for the output.

    I was then able to connect.


    The Xkey Air does not appear to support a Native Windows 10 Bluetooth connection.

    In Windows 10, using a generic Bluetooth USB Adapter (ASUS), I can PAIR the Xkey Air 25 but can not CONNECT.

    Using the information from the poster above (pod), I was able to get a connection, but IT IS MESSY.

    See my Post below

      Xkey Air Windows 10 Setup

    Problem: I can pair the Xkey Air 25 in Windows 10, but it won’t connect (i.e. no music programs see the Xkey Air as a midi device).
    [As a side note, if I connect via the USB cable, music programs do see the Xkey Air as a USB Midi Device]

    Question: Is there any way to connect the Xkey Air in a more simple manner than the process listed below?

    Workaround Solution:

    01. In the Windows Store, download and install the MIDIberry app.
    02. Download and install the ‘loopMIDI” free software:


    Xkey Air MIDI Device Setup
    03. Power on the Xkey Air 25.
    04. Using Windows 10 Bluetooth, pair with the Xkey Air. When successful, the Windows 10 “Bluetooth and Other Devices” window will show:
    Xkey Air 25 BLE
    05. Launch “loopMIDI”. Click the “+” button at the lower left of the screen:
    — This will create the following MIDI port:
    loopMIDI port
    — Keep this app running
    06. Launch “MIDIberry”. The main software window will be presented showing INPUT and OUTPUT:
    — in the INPUT section, click on the “Xkey Air 25 BLE (Bluetooth MIDI IN)…” entry. The line will be highlighted in blue after being clicked
    — in the OUTPUT section, click on the “loopMIDI Port [1]… entry. The line will be highlighted in blue after being clicked
    — minimize the MIDIberry main software window
    07. At this point, if you view the Windows 10 “Bluetooth & other devices” window, you will see:
    Xkey Air 25 BLE
    08. Open any Windows 10 music application , go to the MIDI Setup section and select “loopMIDI Port” as the MIDI IN Device.
    Example KORG M1
    — Select “System”, the “Preferences”, then select the “MIDI Settings” tab, then set “Device 1” as “loopMIDI Port”.

    Example Spectrasonics Keyscape
    — Select “View” (at the top left corner), then “Settings”. In the “Active MIDI Inputs” section, click on the “loopMIDI Port” checkbox

    Example Native Instruments Kontakt 6
    — At the top left corner select “File”, then “Options”. On the left side of the “Options” window select “MIDI”.
    — Within “Inputs”, select the “loopMIDI Port”, and click on the “Status” entry to change the Status to “Port A”, then click “Close”.
    09. You should be able to play the Xkey Air and the music app will receive the MIDI input.
    10. When finished:
    — Close the loopMIDI app
    — Close the MIDIberry app


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