Artists that love the Xkey


“The XKey is an essential part of every tour I take. It’s amazing that it has real size keys, velocity sensitivity and poly pressure. Even with all that, it is easier to put in any suitcase I own. CME has always been a progressive thinking company interested in creating next generation instruments. As a progressive, forward thinking musician, this is the type of company that I want to be involved with!”.

Jordan Rudess is an American virtuoso keyboardist and composer best known as a member of the progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater as well as his work performing and creating next generation musical instruments.

Jordan RudessArtist, keyboardist
Geoff Downes_03

“The Xkey is an essential addition to back-pack of any traveling musician. Wonderfully compact, it provides all the functions you are likely to need in a controller from pressure to sustain and much more. Its full-size keyboard with reduced height keys is surprisingly easy to get used to, and it enables you to play with expression. The beauty of it is, combined with your laptop application such as Logic or Pro Tools, it enables you to assemble a very powerful micro-studio in seconds- anywhere.”

Geoff DownesKeyboardist for Yes, Asia, and The Buggles, U.S.A.

“On the latest Saga tour we used 12 Xkeys on stage in our prototype setup and they worked amazingly well. We plan to keep expanding the use of these versatile and highly playable controllers. It’s funny looking at some of the fans wondering how I get all these big sounds out of these little keyboards and that’s half the fun of playing them!”

Jim G Gilmourkeyboardist of SAGA band
Empire of The Sun

Empire of the Sun are an Australian electronic music duo from Sydney, formed in 2008. The duo consists of longtime collaborators Luke Steele of alternative rock act The Sleepy Jackson, and Nick Littlemore of electronic dance outfit Pnau.

Empire of the SunElectropop band
Max Giesinger

“For me as a Singer/Songwriter the XKey is the perfect solution if I want to work on demos during longer journeys. It hardly takes any space and it’s really easy to handle!”

Max GiesingerSinger, Songwriter, Producer, Germany

” I am using CME’s Xkey for two weeks now – both in the studio and on the road – and believe me, I can’t think of being without it! It has a great feel and just a perfect size. I got used to the keys almost instantly – I simply love laying down tracks with it. Highly recommendable! “

Marcus Schmahlalias Broombeck
Thomas Dolby-1

” I am playing with the XKey right now and it’s fantastic!
The keyboard is remarkably responsive, and it’s great to have velocity and aftertouch—many much larger 25 note keyboards don’t have any. I am so impressed with your products! “

Thomas DolbyFamous English musician and producer, UK

Walk Off the Earth is a Canadian rock band that was formed in 2006 in Burlington, Ontario, and has gained success around the world by making low-budget music videos of covers and originals. The band built its fan base independently with no help from record labels, booking agents, or management.

“Finally a portable truly professional keyboard you can take anywhere, up a mountain, in the air, or just ‘Walk Off The Earth’ “.

Gianni Nicassio & Mike TaylorWalk Off the Earth, Canada
Alan Inglis

” Despite its modest appearances of being a modern compact computer accessory, the Xkey from CME is no less a true instrument keyboard which doesn’t interfere between the musician and the performance. It is elegantly designed, ultra-slim, lightweight, and is ready to use from the point of plugging in, as the default settings are well calibrated for excellent natural responsiveness. “

Alan Inglis
Alan InglisComposer, producer and performer, Australia. He is well known of creating theme music for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

“Xkey is a thunder-board in the mobile music creation and performance! Apart from its good looks, what impressed me, at the first touch, has been the sensitivity, accuracy and smartness of the keys which allow me to play even faster and smoother than traditional keyboards, keeping the total control of the expression! Love my “carry ‘n’ shred” Xkey!

Maestro MistheriaPiano, Keyboards, Keytar and Organ player, producer and composer , Italy
Christopher Currell

Some of the exceptional musicians Christopher has had the privilege of working with include Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Greg Philingaines, Nathan East, Ricky Lawson, Paul Simon, Meatloaf, Paul Jackson Jr, Ernie Watts, Los Lobos, Luther Vandross, Denny Seiwell, Jennifer Batten, Kitaro, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Smith, Stevie Wonder, Kashif, Allan Holdsworth, John Novello, Isao Tomita, Doug Lunn, Paulino Da Costa, Stryper, Dokken, and Stanley Clark.

Christopher CurrellComposer, Producer
Ross Garen

Ross Garren is a pianist, harmonicist, and composer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He received his B.M. from the University of Southern California where he was named Outstanding Graduate in Composition. In addition to an active performing and recording schedule, he has released numerous solo records, has had his music featured on numerous television shows, and has served on staff at the Musician’s Institute.

Ross GarrenArtist
George Aspiotis (KingDragon)

Georges is a keyboardist working for: Warlord, Nightfall, Spitfire, Wild Rose, Kingdragon,…

As a producer, I find myself using the X-Key in almost every production in my studio. It sits always on my mixing desk! With it, Hammond organs, pianos, and drum programming are all immediately under my fingertips, right there in my control room ! And its touch sensitivity is nothing short of incredible!

Thank you CME! You’re always one step beyond and several steps ahead!

George AspiotisAudio Engineer, Producer Greece
Joanna Lim_02

“Bringing creativity anywhere in style. Thank you CME for making this possible”.

Joanna LimKeyboardist , performer Singapore
Ivan Munoz

Ivan produced for Vigilante / Hopeless / Big Brother,…

“Light, portable and Rugged, Xkey is a perfect solution to make music on the road”.

Ivan MuñozMusician/ producer/ DJ France

Producer with his own band Rakede (Warner Music), HipHop artist Samy Deluxe, Motrip, several releases as Affe Maria (played by some of the worlds most renowned dj´s, airplay on bbc radio one, artist of the month on austrian radio Fm4) etc.

“This one is awesome! Unlike other travel-keyboards I know of, it feels and responds better, and still is light and small. Especially the touch-sensitive modulation and pitch knobs are a clever idea, something I missed when I produce on the road. Wicked!”.

Daniel KarellyArtist & Producer, Germany
Molly Lin

“Making music is sexy, but making music with Xkey is even sexier”.

Molly LinMusician / Producer/ Bass player, Taiwan
Jane Kim

“This is my travel mate, so compact and easy to save my inspiration!”

Jane KimMusician/ singer/ songwriter, Korea
Mike Manning

“Mike is the guitarist but dose production on the Xkey because it is so easy to use… The Xkey is the perfect keyboard for the road. I am almost late for the show I was so caught up playing with it on the tour bus.”

Mike ManningTouring with Demi Lovato, USA

Rob Arthur (Frampton)

” Here is what is cool about Xkey-it’s the lightest keyboard I have ever used on the road. It feels good. More important than feel, it’s everything I need to learn material in the hotel room. The size is perfect for a traveling musician, as it can be taken anywhere. I love it when I’m in the hotel room and need to learn songs for the day. I also use it for MIDI string arrangements-it’s simple to use. “

Rob ArthurKeyboardist with Peter Frampton, U.S.A.
Henning Verlage

Henning Verlage is famous producer and keyboardist of Echo award winning German Top act “Unheilig“. He also produces music or many other famous German artists like : Staubkind.

” Hello, many greetings from tour with „Unheilig“ directly from the tour bus. We have played concerts all summer and are still on the road. Wherever we are we build up our small studio setup to work on our new album, which will be released soon. For this reason I can’t miss my little CME XKey! All the best, Henning! “

Henning VerlageProducer and keyboardist, Germany
Xkey level 2

James McNally is a musician, composer and Grammy nominated producer of the band Afro Celt Sound System. He has worked with many musical artists including U2, Sinéad O’Connor, Depeche Mode, Marxman (all as a member of Storm), as well as Eddi Reader, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, Bryan Adams, Ronan Keating, Big Country, Boyzone and Greg Alexander. He has also released a solo CD out on Windham Hill Records called Everybreath.

” Light the way, Inspire the World. Xkey…always by my side.
Inspiring, innovative and beautifully designed. What creative musicians/producers the world over have been waiting for has just arrived. “

James McNallyMusician, composer, U.K.
Eyal Amir

” I like traveling with my Xkey, it’s so light yet offers so much in terms of actual responses to your playing. A super useful too to take on the road or just carry around when you think the inspiration might stuck. “

Eyal AmirKeyboardist with Project RnL
Tony Vincent

” Finally a portable controller with aftertouch “

Tony Vincent calls New York City home, but grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where from a young age he was exposed to the music of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The two solo albums (Tony Vincent, One Deed) followed producing six #1 Billboard radio hits.

 He was featured as Simon Zealotes in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s remake of the film Jesus Christ Superstar (2000), and when the production was revived on Broadway that same year Vincent earned critical acclaim starring as Judas Iscariot. I He also fronted the band itself on several occasions, including a performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee concert for a live audience of over 1 million people surrounding Buckingham Palace and over 200 million television viewers world-wide. In the fall of 2009, he returned to Broadway, originating the role of St. Jimmy in Green Day’s American Idiot.
Tony is best known for his appearance on the second season of NBC’s reality singing competition, The Voice. While on the show, Vincent was selected to be on “Team Cee Lo,” and made a lasting impression on fans worldwide with his final performance of The Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams.”

Tony VincentSong writer, singer and actor, USA
Berk Offset

” Just had some time to use and try the CME Xkey during a tour travel, freakin around with some Berk Offset material . Very nice to handle, very stable USB connections, plugged in and it was ready to run. At the beginning I wondered a bit about the feeling of the keys, because they have compared to other keys an unusual but nice touch. But of couse this is because of its small size, extra flat. I really begun to love this feeling, because you can touch the keys on their full length. This made it easy to use it for weird FX combinations. Brilliant is the very good manufacturing and its alu body, really made for the use on the road. Looking forward to see what comes next from CME PRO! “

Berk Offset9Volt-Musik, Wakkler, Cannibal Cooking Club
Roger Linn

” It’s a beautiful industrial design and a perfect fit for users of Apple products like me. I think the polyphonic pressure works very consistently, and your use of pressure-sensitive buttons for the bend up/down functions works surprisingly well. I also like how you embossed “CME” into the rightmost key, which elegantly understates the company name while minimizing the product footprint.
I think it is amazing that you are able to make this for an end-user price of $99! “

Roger LinnDesigner of electronic music products, best known for his invention of the LM-1 Drum Computer, the first programmable, sampled-sound drum machine in 1979. USA

” Technology should be something to simplify, rather than to complicate. The CME Xkey midi controller keyboard is a brilliant piece of equipment that not only look the part, but also provide all the basics to make music anywhere, whether in the studio, at home or on the road. Both form and function, the Xkey packs portability and usability with style. Music will always be with me with the Xkeys. “

RafikKhairafik Khairudin aka RAFIKONCEPT. Producer, Piano, Bass Guitar, Pad-controller, Drums, Malaysia
Ray Ray

” Xkey is a new concept of new era. For frequent travel musicians, Xkey is a good company to catch the inspiration of music anytime. Xkey makes music to go! “

Ray Ray ChouPiano player, DJ (Red Bull Thre3Style DI competition Taiwan Champion), Taiwan
Bobby G Summers

” When you have to move around a lot the Xkey is very useful for on the fly creativity, here I was just have a conversation about a up coming project and got a ideal so I pulled out my Xkey and laid down the concept in seconds, Sweet 2 thumbs up for CME and Xkey. “

Bobby G. SummersKeyboardist , Producer , USA
Frank Lucas

” The new Xkey from CME allows me the full range of sounds literally at my fingertips. Connection is fast and simple so whether I am at the airport, in the studio or on stage. It’s got all the features of a pro controller like pitch band, modulation with continuous control, octave and sustain buttons, velocity sensitivity and polyphonic aftertouch. That’s where the Xkey delivers! “

Frank LucasKeyboardist Jennifer Lopez , USA
Chris 1

“I have been involved in the sound design of many products for different manufacturers such as M-AUDIO, Dream, Suzuki, Arturia, Native instruments, Misadigital, Sony, Madwaves, Samsung, WaveIdea, Philips and so on. Today, I mainly focus on Sound design and musical creation for Wejaam company.
The Xkey is my favorite keyboard, very easy to use, amazing design, and very slim. Ready for the groove every day and everywhere, Xkey is fantastic.
My studio is equipped with an Xkey, I like the beautiful design and very nice touch. With CME Keyboards just feel DA GROOVE!”

Christian LaffitteArtist, WeJaam

Travis Crowe holds a Grammy nomination for “song of the year” and a tour as Carly Rae Jepsen’s music director/guitar player

“The Xkey is a fantastic tool for any touring musician, producer or hobbyist. The keyboard is full of features yet takes up less room then a notepad in a bag. The Xkey not only looks great, it’s a joy to play. Each key has aftertouch and in combination with the mod buttons and pitch bending buttons – this is a serious controller. I spend a lot of time on the road and in hotel rooms producing music / writing. The Xkey really streamlines production and encourages creativity. You could be in a coffee shop, recording studio, or even an airplane and benefit from the keyboards features! Before the Xkey, I was mousing in my piano roll’s – Now I can play things in exactly how I want them. Its light, compact, feels great and looks amazing. The Xkey comes with me everywhere!”.

Travis CroweSongwriter, Producer, Canada

” I’ve had the chance to check out the CME Xkey for some weeks now, and I really like and use it a lot. It’s a very handy controller keyboard with many cool features: press-sensitive keys, pitch bend-, sustain- and vibrato buttons for very cool and easy modulation effects, plus the “8va” and “8vb” buttons to transpose the keyboard up to 3 octaves up or down. It fits into any bag and is recognized by (in my case) Ableton without any further requirements (like drivers or changing preferences). It’s light but stable. Hence this little powerful MIDI keyboard is perfect for travelling. It’s just perfect for me – I use it in my studio as well as when I perform with my live project ‘Klartraum’ or when I am working on some music while on the road. The Xkey is highly recommendable! “

Nadja LindArtist and Producer, Germany

” What a pleasure when you can work even in the hotel lobby! ”

Alessandro MagriKeyboardist for Biagio Antonacci, Italy

A pioneer of electronic pop in Korea and a Producer/DJ in Korea, he gets his musical inspiration from many different types of music including musicals and movies. Lately he has been busy collaborating with a dance group GI and Yoon Do Hyun band.

“The Xkey is a nice looking keyboard and one of the best mobile solutions that I got.”

DJ Flash FingerProducer / DJ, Korea

CEO of WSR Trax, a DJ and a producer, he is considered to be a top 10 DJs in Korea. He is active with his albums and performances leading the ‘Indie Dance’ boom in Korea. Lately his track ‘303 Shake’ have been introduced at, one of the world’s top 3 electronic music download website.

“The Xkey is an essential piece of my DJ setup, easy to use, lightweight, wherever I go the Xkey is always with me”

DJ SionzDJ, Korea

” We don’t write music on PCs or in full blown studios. We fell cramped by the overload of tech-stuff. It just works better with a guitar, keyboard, pen and paper. But naturally not every living room or practice room provides a keyboard with our sounds. So the need of a portable keyboard to connect to my ipad or sometimes iphone has been on my wish list for very long. With the XKey there finally is a solution. We jam and compose whenever there is opportunity and of course during the late hours ideas get played with ease when the rest is asleep. I love the XKey because it plays so well, offers so much versatility, can be carried around everywhere and . . . looks beautiful! The guys from CME really nailed it.

Nowadays i find myself playing more often on the XKey than on the Keyboards in the Studios. And on my next trip i can finally bring along a keyboard. That rocks!“ -TSB is a duo working live and studio for a large variety of genres. Commercial productions for radio and tv as well as supporting musicians or composers in their own right, they have tried their skills at anything and everything new. At the moment TSB is focusing on their own projects building their own brand of electronica meets analog. “

Raed KhashoukgiMusic producer, recording studio owner, Germany
Brandon Bush (Sugarland)

“ It has a great slim form factor- it packs in my bag so easily. I love the sensitivity of the design. It’s not overwhelmed with unnecessary features. I like that switching octaves is so quick and easy. It’s great that it’s velocity sensitive for such a small keyboard. It’s the perfect compliment to my laptop rig. ” deras webbsida

Brandon BushKeyboardist with Sugarland, U.S.A.

” Freedom in our sling bags… Xkey is a great companion to travel with. Packed with the power of ‘LIGHT’, the full size touch sensitive keys with both black and white in the same plane, add new dimension to musicians’ imagination. Love you Xkey. Travel Light. Perform heavy! “

Praveen D RaoComposer, Musician , India

“My experience with XKEY is totally mystical, what surprised me most was its light weight of 0.600 Grs. To a surprising transport and to compose and structure the musical ideas you have.

The amazing interface XKey working with various devices and enjoy every second of the day, sensitivity and aftertouch great app “XKey Plus” which is very useful to update and improve the features of this great product.

Which since only a small device and variety of applications from great pianos, Rhodes, synthesizers, Hammonds, among other instruments and management interfaces of these, take your mind to another level of music, inspiring majesty of great works arts or even a “Master Piece”.

The XKey is a great keyboard that truly takes you to many times, spaces and unique dimensions available to users, THE XKEY, IS A GREAT MUSICAL INSTRUMENT !!!! “.

Braulio MoralesMusician / Keyboardist / Composer / Music Producer, from Chile

Edu Petruk is a guitarist and composer from Argentina. Influenced by Tony MacAlpine, Derek Sherinian and Virgil Donati.
He began playing guitar at the age of 11. A self-taught person, who was trained by clinics and conservatory material, provided by his cousin Sergio Robert, music teacher. He began his solo career at the age of 20, Three years later achieved his first work “Factor Virtual”.

” The Xkey is a beautiful and practical product, the Xkey sets you FREE! Yes, really. Open your mind to a new way of composing. Excellent for all genres. It’s a product that will not fail, a great companion, and personally I am very happy to work with it and the CME team, here in South America. I love the Xkey! Greetings to all, from Buenos Aires, Argentina! “

Edu PetrukGuitarist, keyboardist, composer, from Argentina

In 2001, Kat was awarded the international Women in Jazz award by legendary bassist Caroline Ray and Vocalist Lenora Helm. Kat has gone on to performed with the likes of Beyonce, Erykah Badu, Eric Bennett, Anthony Hamilton, Luke James, Nikki Minaj, Louis Bauso, Patato Valdes, JJ Hairston And Youthful Praise, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Slim Thug, Jill Scott, Marsha Ambrosiuos, Keri Hilson, Keischa Cole, VV Brown, Monica, Ledisi, Kelly Price, Slim thug, George Michaels, Fantasia, Shirley Caesar, Mary Mary, Elle Varner, Mary J.Blige, Missy Elliot, Estelle and Ciara to name a few. Kat was invited by the President of the US Barack Obama and had the honor and privilege to perform for the FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s Birthday with Beyoncé at the white house. Kat has also recorded with Destiny’s Child, DJ Mark Ronson, Rap Artist Mobb Deep, Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Gospel artist Kierra Sheard, Anthony Hamilton and 50 Cent’s.

“Such a wonderful tool for on the road studio. Hopefully I can get the 37 key one soon so i can set it up in my home studio!”

Kat RodriguezSinger, saxophonist, songwriter and composer (USA)

Adison Evans combines pure excitement and the luscious sound of a fresh voice… to create one compelling performance after another. Her infectious smile and contagious personality are only surpassed by her old soul and big saxophone sound.
Evans has shared the stage with several legendary artists including Trisha Yearwood, Nicki Minaj, Wynton Marsalis, Christian McBride, Terence Blanchard, Benny Golson, Maynard Ferguson and many more. She made her debut in the pop world playing in the 2013 Superbowl with Beyonce. Upon graduating from the Juilliard School in New York City, Adison embarked on a two and a half year adventure thus far playing and touring with Beyonce in the “Mrs Carter Show World Tour” followed by Beyonce and JayZ in the history making “On The Run” Tour. Adison can be heard on the album that crashed iTunes, “Beyonce” and seen in many of her music videos including “Countdown”, the HBO Beyonce specials, and Beyonce dvds.
While on downtime from being saxophonist to the stars, Adison performs her own music with the Adison Evans Quintet, hosts her cooking show, featuring special musical guest artists “Adi’s Jazz Kitchen”, and creates recipes, interviews, and so much more on where her two passions of music and food collide, creating a one of a kind experience using all five of the senses.

” I love my Xkey! I don’t go anywhere without it! It’s the perfect size to take on the road, and helps me feel like I have a little studio away from home. Never mind the fact that it’s really cute and edgy! “

Adison EvansComposer, saxophonist, educator (USA)

Brazilian composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Figueiredo’s lengthy list of credits includes a veritable Who’s Who of leading Brazilian artists, such as Beth Carvalho, Daniela Mercury, and Gilberto Gil, as well as international artists like Jamie Glaser, Roman Miroshnichenko, David Cohen, John Pollard, and Stevie B. The two-time Latin Grammy winner’s music has been the driving force behind dozens of Brazil’s most popular TV shows and movies, and he is co-founder, along with renowned American percussionist Frank Colón, of the Musical Nation Project, a creative collaboration that endeavors to mix instruments, musical styles, and musicians worldwide. Figueiredo created the soundtrack of the video clips that represented Brazilian cities of 2014 FIFA World Cup Games, and has composed music for more than 50 TV shows, 10 soup operas, 5 TV series and a handful of Brazilian and American films. He is also part of the collaborative project Bridges a Musical Journey which features musicians from more than twenty countries from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, spanning instruments from all around the world.

” The VX-80 has all I need, including an integrated audio card, great piano feel, awesome MOTORIZED FADERS, robust construction, transport controls and programmable scales among other great features. I’ve never seen a better and more reliable controller ever ! “

Daniel FigueiredoComposer, producer (Brazil)

Music producer and beatmaker. With 5 years experience in urban music. He studied Mathematics and Social Communication, but his passion was over, dedicating full time to the music.

” Xkey all in one. The perfect tool for musical nomad. Traveling with Xkey is indispensable, connected and ready, make music and mind to volar. “

Jairo Penaranda (MCTEMATICO)Music Producer / Beatmaker / Creative experimental, from Venezuela

Producing soundtracks to dance music. Produces several artists while introducing tracks of his own as the performing member of XILICON and SAOLILITH 2 FILTER KYODAI.

” Xkey is just well-made and goes beyond all expectations as an input device. We can use it not only as mobile device but also as studio use device. I really love it and use Xkey most of time in my studio for easy recording .
Since it has velocity functions and same key pitch to standard keyboards, it is much more useful than full-size keyboards for making phrases, bass lines and rhythms! “

Masaaki EnatsuProducer, Composer, Synthesizer Artist. DJ. CEO of marimoRECORDS INC. (Japan)

Producer for the bass project The CATS ( Makes music in Dubstep, Brostep, Trap, and Drum & Bass styles. Played with Skrillex, Datsik, Steve Aoki, Borgore, 12 Planet, Flux Pavilion and more.

” I use XKey 25 everywhere! In touring and in the studio, at live shows and in DJ sets. The XKey size is very important! It’s awesome what I can take it anywhere!
Very easy to use and has all the necessary functions for me. I also really like the design. Simple and intuitive! I worked with XKey for a couple of months and now I can’t imagine my job without it!
Big thanks CME for the dope device! 🙂 “

Temmy LeeArtist, Drummer, From Moscow (Russia)

Jon Varto’s talent and passion for music came to life on Christmas Eve when he received his first guitar at the age of six. At his young adolescent age with his childhood friends he formed a band. Practicing late nights and during the Ethiopian revolution of 1978, risking all for their band. Soon after the SEVAN BAND was formed and it was the beginning of their passion for music. In 1986 conditions in Ethiopia were unstable, leading him to journey to Los Angeles, California. He continued his musical career, performing as a professional vocalist. From his enchanting melodies, romantic Italian ballads, and inspirational Amharic songs to his vibrant Spanish flavor, Jon Varto has captivated listeners from all over the world. Jon Varto’s international sound has brought joy to an array of celebrities. Having performed with some of the industries best musicians, Jon Varto has established high standards with his music. The album “GIORNI” was the winner of AMFA music awards. Currently Jon Varto’s songs are being played with DMX.

” My Xkey37 Mobile Musical Keyboard is amazing! Very light, portable and simple. A perfect keyboard for travelers! I highly recommend it for keyboard players and musicians. My next show is in LA… Can’t wait to use it again! Keep up the good work!! “

Jon VartoMusician, vocalist (Italy)

Spain is proud of its musicians, and also of its cutting-edge technology high-speed trains. When both go together, XKEY is in its perfect environment:

” Going to Sevilla by AVE to perform with Pasion Vega, what can I do in two hours and a half ? I can keep on working with the Xkey controller and it is like being at home !!! “

Jacob SuredaIsmael Serrano / Pasion Vega

Adrian Schinoff is a Grammy awarded producer, working in the studio and in the road. Currently touring Latin America with pop sensation artist Pablo Alboran.

” It is very convenient, you can have sustain and expression, and you can not find it in other controllers. It is extremely light and its carrying bag really confortable. It is the smallest 37 key controller that you can seriously play I’ve ever seen. “

Adrian SchinoffPablo Alboran

Madame Mayhem is a true rocker with an eclectic style in every aspect of life. With her “in your face” attitude, Mayhem is definitely the right word to describe this extreme artist. She began to take the music scene by storm when she was featured on Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio New Discovered and Uncovered Artist chart trouve. Madame Mayhem has opened for Buckcherry’s Live Nation tour at The Sands Casino. She, along with her band, have hit the LA club scene, performing at legendary venues including The Roxy and The Viper Room. Back east, the classically trained vocalist has played to packed rooms at venues including the Bowery Ballroom, Knitting Factory, a residency at The Cutting Room, and has headlined the VH1’s That Metal Show annual Christmas party. In the Midwest, she’s performed at the Bluebird Café in Nashville during Grammy nomination week. Madame Mayhem has collaborated with notable rock talents including Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs), Ray Luzier (Korn, KXM), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses), Satchel (Steel Panther), Corey Lowery (Stuck Mojo, Eye Empire, Dark New Day), Grammy winner Mark Hudson, Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon), Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio), Elliot Easton (The Cars, Blondie), John Moyer (Disturbed) and more. Let the Mayhem continue…

” My travel essential. “

Madame MayhemSinger, songwriter (USA)

Endecah is a young Hip-Hop artist, music producer and songwriter from Spain. He lives in his native city, Zaragoza, but his music is heard worldwide, specifically the Spanish-speaking world – Spain, all Latin America, USA- that is why he is always traveling.

He’s an independent artist, “Do it yourself” is his way of working. He makes his songs in his own studio, he composes, he makes the beats, he sings, he records himself, he makes the mixes, the mastering, he films his own music videos… And also, he works making music for other artist, films, spots…

This is Endecah, a multifaceted artist who loves to make music and everything related to it.

“I love freedom, I love to travel and I love music, so… I love Xkey”

EndecahSinger, songwriter, producer from Spain

Sondia, known as China’s “Jazz talented woman”. Set talent and beauty in one, she graduated from China’s top musical institutions – the Central Conservatory of Music, however deep grounding in composition and singing conveys the diversity of modern music’s lush language.

To make more Chinese people understand and enjoy this wonderful music on the jazz, Zhang Ying created a lot of the first Chinese jazz songs, and into jazz, rock, Acid Jazz, Bossa Nova, Latin, Funk, Hip-Hop, Fusion and other musical elements, formed its own unique style. For some classic jazz songs in foreign languages, by Zhang Ying and emotional adaptation of delicate interpretation, but also brought out a different kind of glory.

In 2006, Zhang Ying recorded jazz fever Tiandie “Standards-Sondia And Friends”. In 2007, Zhang Ying involved in recording “Ladies sings beatles”, was released in Denmark in 2008. This year, she released her new album “Sondia”. Let’s enjoy it in JZ Festival 2014!

“Xkey is a gift from the god indeed! Small, cute but so powerful. Chick, fashion, mobile and easy to use! Everyone should owns a Xkey.”

Sondia ZhangSinger, Producer, China

Music critics call Lin Hai, the most noted pianist both in China and Taiwan, a genius with an eastern right hand and a western left hand. He has also been described as having “the temperament of Chopin as well as the languidness and elegance of Debussy,” and “the affability and strong melodic sense of George Winston and the enriching and imaginative thoughtfulness of Keith Jarrett.”

At twenty he was the best in his country and represented China in the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, becoming the first Chinese ever to enter the semi-finals. In 1992 he graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music. At the same year, he began giving concerts in Taiwan and China and composed movie scores and TV drama scores. Lin Hai was exposed to jazz at the early age of twelve.

This early exposure and his solid training in classical music combine to give his music a unique quality, which switches freely between classical, New Age, modern and Jazz music. He plays the piano in a way that makes the notes sound clear cut, warm, and calm. The pieces he composes are uncomplicated and quiet, but are imbued with a sense of humanity that can soothe the listeners.

“The portable Xkey is awesome travel mate. It accompanies with me in the tour and catches my music inspiration at the very moment. I could not live without my Xkey! ”

Hai LinPianist, Composer, Producer, China

QQ, one of China‘s top DJs, has been immersed in music, performance and the arts from birth. She studied at Beijing’s elite Central Conservatory of Music, emerging as its top student in her year. She then toured China, performing with her father before moving into television, rising to be a director and producer of a number of TV series for a leading Asian TV network.

In 2004, she returned to her great passion of music, this time as a DJ, going straight to the top of China’s electronic music scene, playing electro, house, progressive, minimal and techno. Her profound knowledge, wide-ranging musical taste and technical proficiency has enabled her to meet the very different demands of film premieres, launches, fashion shows and private parties, as well as playing the clubs and festivals. She applies her talent and creativity to each performance with one goal in mind: that everyone has a great time.

In high demand at China’s top venues, QQ has played at Many Clubs and performed at major outdoor events, from the many Great Wall Parties and  International Regatta opening party to “Strawberry”  “Modern Sky”and “Intro”. Product launches include Johnnie Walker and Moet & Chandon, GUOPEI FASHION SHOW Live Performance  for 3 years , Lacoste Launch Partys amongst others.

She has played with many international DJs, from Dubfire and DJ Krush to Infected Mushroom and Joris Voorn ,DIRTY VEGAS ,Dash Berlin  as well as touring South America and Australia and playing at music festivals all over China.

“Great design, easy to use and carry on with nice action. Xkey looks cool too!”

DJ QQMusician, DJ , China

Sakiko Osawa is an exciting and sought after music creator, producer and a DJ, based in Shibuya, Tokyo.

By the produce of “Oiran Music”, she released her first EP “Tokyo Disco Beat” from 7Stars Music (Amsterdam) on February 2014 and hit Top2 in the electronics chart on iTunes.

She was born in Iwate prefecture and started her music career by playing Violin at the age of 3. However, once she discovered a world of Rock in the school days, she formed a mixture rock and punk band and played bass-guitar.  She did not take time to choose her career; she entered one of a top art college in Tokyo, Nihon University College of Art, and majored Music and studied Music Information, Acoustics, Recordings, and Media-Art. She researched her own surround sound system which differs from the standard but uses eight speakers at once.

“Xkey is very useful and compact,so I bring Backpack with Xkey to Studio and Live every time.
One of my this year’s resolution is Doing my Gigs a lot with Xkey! ”

Sakiko OsawaDJ, Producer, Japan

ASHRA(IRMA RECORDS / Subtrax) Female track maker. Her deep sentimental tracks comes from the inspirations from her past including leaning classic. Resident DJ of Bass Music party “Laguna Bass” in Tokyo. release: “No + Visionist” EP( IRMA records) Bonjour × Colette(Bonjour Records)

“It’s very versatile to bring with. I don’t travel a lot, not “tour a lot” type of musician but I highly recommend Xkey to bed room creator as well . I bring this to any cafés , living room, everywhere for the timing that good melody arises. Compact body but velocity sensibility helps me to create as well!”

AshraMusician , Producer , Japan

Eugene is a singer and producer, mainly focused on exploration of electronic music spanning from pop songwriting to the cutting edge of experimentation.
He has released a solo album (“Eugene”), two singles (“Promenade” and “HR Diagram”), an EP (“Dior DNA”) and performed in many countries all over the world.
Besides his solo career he’s been working with the likes of Garbo, Andy (Bluvertigo), Gazebo, Renzo Rubino, Anastacia, Simona Molinari, Peter Cincotti, Legonaut, Ottodix, Nick Valente, Simulakrum Lab and a countless number of other independent artists.

“Both a responsive and an extremely portable keyboard. The Xkey is my essential tourmate!”

EugeneSinger, Producer from Italy

“I’m using the Xkey since few days now and already love it so much! Definitely an essential addition for the live performance and studio work. Tried it with different instruments, and it’s perfectly fit to any types of them. Can’t wait to test it in live conditions on our next gigs!”

Alexey ProtasovAMBASSADOR21

“I love it ,because Xkey is so cute.”

YummyJapanese DJ

“Berlin, L.A, New York. I am always On The Run and everywhere I go I take my Xkeys with me! I love the feel and look of the Xkeys. My producer & Songwriter friends are envious, especially when they hear the music coming out of those keys.“

MATHIA (born Mathia-Mathithiah Gavriel in Israel, Tel Aviv on January 14, 1986) is a singer, songwriter and producer currently living in Berlin. He has travelled the world making music.

Professionally playing music since the age of 13 he has worked with talented people in the music industry from all over the world and has produced various kinds of music for artists, commercials and movies with clients such as Bosch, Mercedes Benz, Siemens & Vodafone. MATHIA is also signed as an artist to Warner Music.

Mathia-Mathithiahu GavrielProducer/Singer & Songwriter, Germany

“I love my CME Xkey37! it makes the bus and van rides much more pleasant, and i can use the time to work out parts, and record new ideas with my lap top.”

David Manionkeyboardist of KANSAS Band

“Thanks to XKey37 for making music writing setup smarter.”

Harris Jayaraj has composed music for over 100 films and is rated as one of the top composers in India.

Harris JayarajFilm music composer, India

“I’ve been working for Beyonce since 2006 and Ive been on all of her tours. We travel all over the world and the X-key, is just perfect for me! It fits in my back pack and it goes everywhere I go. Plug and play, easy to play and just enough keys to work on some track in my hotel room.”

Rie notably did the strings arrangement for the entire Beyonce’s show “I am yours…” in Vegas, also the 52nd Annual Grammy Award Performance but these are just few of the work that she has done. Rie also had a chance to perform, arrange and direct a string quartet for President Obama at the White House in May 2010. She also has performed at the half time show of the 2013 Superbowl. Currently, Rie just finished Beyonce’s 4th tour, the “Mrs Carter Show” and the “On the Run” tour presented by Jay-Z and Beyonce. She is also owner of Recording Studio “Riro Muzik” in Brookyn NY.

Rie TsujiPianist/Keyboard Player/Arranger/Composer

“What a great tool is the CME Xkey37! Super slim aluminium body, plug´n play and everything you need on songwriting sessions. A great travel solution too. The smart way of making music!”

Benjamin SchwenenSongwriter and producer, Germany

“”I love my Xkey 37, it’s a controller with a sleek design where mobility and functionality is bundled in one package.”

Eric Tubon – is a composer, producer, keyboardist and seaboardist of the bands fuseboxx, Manila Sky and FireFallDown from the Philippines. He is known for his works with fuseboxx, one of the pioneers in progressive rock music in the Philippines. He is also among the handful synthesists in the land. He grew up in a non-musical family but was heavily influenced by the 70’s and 80’s music that led him to his interest on synthesizers. His style draws from fusion, new wave, electronica and prog rock.

Eric TubonComposer, producer, keyboardist and seaboardist

“Working with the XKey37 has been a revelation! It is light, has a great feel and fits into your suitcase so I am now able to play and record everywhere I want. I used to have smaller ‘travel’ keyboards but the biggest advantage I think of the Xkey37 is the possibility to connect your sustain pedal, this makes it actually playable on the road, in the bus and everywhere else I want. thanks CME for providing me and my bandmates with this great tool! It will be a big part in creating our new album.”

A band that has enjoyed as much worldwide success and acclaim as EPICA should have every right to rest on their laurels and stick to the proverbial “winning formula.” And yet, as their fans across the globe are well aware, EPICA has never been a band to play it safe, and they’ve never made the same album twice. EPICA has earned its reputation as one of the foremost symphonic metal bands by repeatedly shattering expectations and pushing the very limits in the genre.

Coen JanssenKeyboardist of the band EPICA, Netherlands

“I’ve been waiting a super long time for a great product such as X-key.. It’s so easy to use and the mobility of it is like nothing else out there for the traveling musician… Not to mention the great feel of the keys.. They’ve hit a home run with this thing and I’ll be using it on a regular basis. And you can bet I’ll be telling all my fellow keyboardist here in Nashville about how great it is…”

Travis has been in the music business for over 20 years… He began playing piano at the age of 13 and by the age of 14 was playing in bars in and around his hometown of Searcy Arkansas (a small town just north of Little Rock. He decided to make the big move to Nashville, Tn in October of 07 and a short six months later he landed his first major artist gig with platinum selling country artist Billy Currington.Travis also worked with Platinum selling country artist Jerrod Niemann for several years. He played keyboard on his 2nd record on Arista records and even played on a single which went on to be a top 20 single on the Country Billboard Charts. Travis also has played for several other major country artists including Lee Brice, Chris Young, Love and Theft, and Mark Wills just to name a few. Travis also has his own solo project on the side and plays multiple gigs throughout the week at many of Nashville’s most popular venues in downtown Nashville.

Travis MobleyMusician, Nashville, USA

“I always aim for the complex elements in Keyboards: Workstation and Synthesizers. Having the Xkey and its simplicity in my everyday musical work changed that aim!

Using the Xkey I play every sound that I have on any Machine with best real keys, polyphonic pressure and velocity sensitivity created ever.”

Mood Yassin is a Keyboardist, Composer and founding member of the Lebanese Progressive Metal/Rock band Turbulence as well as an active Piano/Keyboard teacher at his area.

Mood Yacin
Mood YassinKeyboardist, Composer. Lebanon

“Xkey is independence in any situation and place ! It is really an amazing keyboard.”

Andreu Jacob is considered as one of the first composer representatives and he is important reference at the field of music investigation.

He participates in a number of international and national shows, works in television, creates events and live concerts, studio recordings, production and post-production, television commercials, film and short film soundtracks, etc. Andreu Jacob works as a musician, composer,producer and arrangement director. He is specialized in synthetics, and he isinnovator in the most effects-oriented field of architectonical acoustics..

Andreu JacobComposer

“I look for excuses to use the X-Key. It’s the most convenient usb midi keyboard I’ve ever owned. How can you beat full sized keys at the airport?”

Born Sham Joseph, the Haitian mastermind has spent the past few years supplying genre-twisting soundscapes to megawatt artists including Jay Z, Kanye West and Rihanna, harnessing the rhythms and sounds of his West Indian roots (Zouk, Compas) and blending them with forward-thinking interpretations of contemporary hip-hop touchstones.

Joseph has become one of the most in-demand producers in the industry, working with red-hot rappers like Nicki Minaj, T.I. and Travis Scott. With a Grammy nomination on his resume for helming two tracks on Jay Z and Kanye West’s seminal Watch the Throne, Joseph is focusing on developing artists and producers on his SEJCO Recordings imprint, and incorporating his Christian faith into mainstream music, once again breaking down barriers.

Sak PaseProducer, USA

“I’ve been searching for a mobile keyboard for years, but never found anything inspiring I could take on tour and fit in my carry-on luggage. I’ve bought tons of mini-keyboards and the CME 37 Key is by far the best mobile keyboard I’ve found. I love it so much I’m even using it at my main studio in place of larger controllers.

It feels very musical and expressive A lot of electronic music producers pencil in their melodies, but I need that tactile feel on the road, and this product is now one of my favorites.”

Morgan PageDJ, USA

Empathy Test is an Electronic Pop duo from London, UK. Formed in 2014 by childhood friends Isaac Howlett (Vocals) and Adam Relf (Production), together they have released three EPs to date: Losing Touch, Throwing Stones and most recently, Throwing Stones Remixed.

“As a band, it’s very important for us to be able to travel light. We chose Xkey because it is the thinnest, lightest MIDI-keyboard with full-size, velocity sensitive keys on the market. Our unique live set-up, which features Xkey25s and customised light-weight camera tripods, allows us to travel to overseas shows with only cabin baggage, saving us time and money. Plus, they look cool too!”

Empathy TestElectronic pop duo, UK

“This CME Xkey is very sturdy (made out of solid aluminum), with 25 full-size keys built this thing is built like a tank. It is very easy to play given the small size and it’s incredibly light and portable. I find that any job I have the Xkey makes it very easy when I am composing. When traveling I can put the Xkey and Macbook Pro in my bag and feel confident that I have the power to create any music I need to. Thank you CME for making such a awesome product.”

DWAYNE ‘Supa Dups’ Chin-Quee has had a decorated career as a Producer/DJ. He has worked with a long list of heavyweights in dancehall, rhythm and Blues Pop, and hip hop.

Supa DupsArtist, USA

Eryck Bry is a music producer, mixing engineer and composer based in New York. He’s the owner of Friggy Music Production and has been doing freelance work since 2006.

“The Xkey is my travel buddy! It goes with me everywhere whether it’s work or play. Its lightweight and ultra-slim design sits perfectly inside my bag without having that bulky feel. The full-size keys makes it easier to play… no need to cram your fingers while performing. It has all the features you need of a pro controller and I find myself playing with my Xkey more often in studios than any keyboard available. IT FEELS GOOD, PLAYS GOOD, AND LOOKS GOOD!!! The Xkey is heaven sent!”

Eryck BryProducer and Composer, USA

Riley Bell staff engineer at Revolution Recording, one of the most prestigious recording studio in Canada for 3 years. In those 3 years he worked with many star artists, with studio clients ranging from The Weeknd to Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones, Nelly Furtado, etc. After slowly transitioning from engineering to production and writing he recently did additional production to Chris Brown’s first major single from his upcoming album ‘Royalty’ titled Zero.

“XKey is a game changer for creating while traveling. To have keys that are full width on such a compact keyboard is amazing. Not only that but it looks as good as it feels. Great product, excited to see what else CME has in store.”

Riley BellProducer, USA

Matthew Burnett, in many ways, represents unshakable optimism. He’s ambitious, passionate and dedicated to building an extraordinary catalogue of music that is both soulful and enthralling no matter what genre. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that at just 24 years of age, he has co-produced music for some of the biggest musicians in the world like: Drake, Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland just to name a few. Born in Ajax, Ontario, to Raymond and Wendy Burnett, he was raised in a loving Christian environment where he was often encouraged to explore his creativity as a child.

“It was perfect timing when I found out about what CME was doing with their Xkey’s. I was travelling a lot and was in serious need of a portable midi controller. After playing the X25 for the first time I fell in love with how it felt. It was a joy to play because of the flexibility the slick design provided in addition to how responsive the controller was considering it’s slim, compact design. As a musician first, I appreciated how musical the Xkey allowed me to be with no limitations and how easy it was to pack up and travel with. I bring my X25 to all of my sessions now; it has become a vital part of my creative process!”

Matthew BurnettProducer, USA

Gabriel Peso currently practices as a live and studio musician recording for various artists of the spanish musical scene.

“Xkey is fantastic because of its easy and comfortable transportation to work wherever you are. You get used very easily to its sensitivity and touch its keys. It has been very useful to work with it live and studio and with the new XKEY Air being able to move around the stage is amazing!!”

Gabriel PesoPianist, arranger, composer, Spain

Editor in Chief of

“With the XKey I finally found my personal solution for the desktop and portable use. It´s not only an adorable piece of gear, but it brought a lot of fun into my daily working routine thanks to its ease of use and great flexibility. Since I have the Xkey in front of me I play my software instruments every day – a fact I want to thank you for!”

Marcus SchlosserEditor, Germany

Diego Tejeida is a Mexican keyboard player, sound designer and composer. He’s best known as member of the British Progressive Rock band Haken.

“The Xkey is the perfect solution for the musician on the go. I had it constantly with me during our last European tour, whether it was in the tourbus, airports or hotel room – recording ideas for the new album on spot or in the dressing room as my warm up keyboard before a show.

Beautifully deDiego Tejeida is a Mexican keyboard player, sound designer and composer. He’s best known as member of the British Progressive Rock band Haken.signed, great responsiveness and full portability. You can’t really ask for more.”

Dago TejeidaKeyboard player/Sound designer/Composer - Mexico

“Being a keen user of CME before, I was very excited to add the XKey 37 to my set up, both in the studio & on the road. It’s very comfortable to use, works seamlessly with my set up and travels nicely, with it’s lightweight, compact design & sturdy build. I highly recommend it!”

JD TuckerComposer, producer & performer - NL/UK

“The Xkey is excellent!  The feeling is the best and its compact size and sturdiness makes it easy to travel with.  Its the go to MIDI controller when in the studio for quick ideas or on the road”

Born in New York City, Swedish mother and Colombian father. Started in the music industry at the age of 16. At the age of 18 moved to California and started mixing live sound for bands. After years of touring decided to go into studio recording. In 1997, became Studio Executive and mixer at Sy Klopps Studios in San Francisco owned by Herbie Herbert (Manager). Focused on studio recording with many great artists. With a skill set of recording, mixing, mastering, studio production and live sound, Henry Sarmiento has a solid understanding of every level in music production. A meticulous work ethic and striving only for the best, he is a proficient professional to all aspects of the recording process ranging from recording to mixing until final mastering for over 500 artists and counting! In 2004, he opened Sonic Vista Studios in Ibiza, Spain in a 400 year old Villa. Clients include Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, Swedish House Mafia, Taio Cruz, Akon, Ting Tings, Redfoo, Neyo, Mousse T. and many more. He is also a voting member of NARAS (Grammys) since 1999


Louis Henry SarmientoComposer & producer - Ibiza, Spain

“The Xkey has traveled with me all over the world and has proven to be an integral part of my live setup. I plan to replace other keyboards with several Xkey37’s because of their compact but versatile features.”

Bob LunaComposer/Arranger/Producer/Keyboardist, USA

Justen Williams

“The CME Xkey 37 has become my go to keyboard of choice when it comes to traveling. I have had the opportunity to travel to different studios around the country… One of the first questions I get after setting up my equipment is “What Kind of Board is that?!” I love the reaction when I can showcase all of the capabilities the such a small keyboard. Its simple, and quite capable of everything that I need to make records. ”

Like the city of New Orleans from which he hails, Justen Williams is defined by his musicality. Music producer, drummer, multi-instrumentalist, Justen’s credits include placements with HBO and Ford Motor Company as well as album production for Kourtney Heart (Jive records) and Dee-1 (RCA records). Most recently, Justen and Dee-1 scored a viral hit single for “Sallie Mae Back” which continues to rack up millions of plays.

Justen Williams
Justen WilliamsMusic Producer/ Drummer

Kashyap Lyengar

“The Xkey Air 37 is one of the finest controller keyboards ever made, with its sleek architecture and smooth playability making it stand out as something to always have for handy production, while being wireless and delay-free- making it easy enough to move it around, even while tracking down a keyboard part.”

Kashyap Iyengar is a 15 year old progressive rock keyboardist, performing artist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from India. Being a self-taught musician since the age of 5, he is a consistently aware explorer of unconventional music production technology and systems, and the advancing possibilities of the newest instruments.

Kashyap Iyengar
Kashyap IyengarKeyboardist

Faraz Khosa

“When my soul requires peace for creativity,the only portable device I can take with me to hills is XKEY. PLAY IT, FEEL IT.”

Faraz Khosa can be described as an ardent seeker of music compositions and compelling musical productions køb cialis. One can clearly observe that his musical interpretations are an impeccable blend of inspiration, passion and innovation. He graduated from National College of Arts- NCA (Pakistan) and is owner of record label “Infinity Musicworks

Faraz Khosa
Faraz KhosaComposer, producer.

Tony Grey

“I love my CME xKey Air. It feels great to play, it’s easy to carry around, the Bluetooth feature makes it really convenient and there are no latency issues at all. It’s simply the best keyboard I’ve ever owned vermox cena. I’d recommend it without any hesitation.”

Born March 25, 1975 in Newcastle, England. Tony is a multi-instrumentalist, master bassist, composer, producer, published author and award-winning music educator; he studied at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music and graduated in 2001, receiving the prestigious ‘Outstanding Performer’ award. Tony is known for his 6-string electric bass technique, his blend of jazz/world-fusion compositions, and his groundbreaking music education curriculum and teaching Philosophy.

Tony Grey
Tony GreyMulti-instrumentalist, master bassist, composer, producer, published author.

Scott Kinsey

“For me, the XKey Air 37 has been a revelation! There has never been such an incredible solution for traveling light, without even the need for entangling cables! It connects via Bluetooth 2 and it’s lighting fast!
Once you experience it you’ll never go back.

With the XKey Air 37 the days of stressing over gear at the airport check-in counter are over. That is already worth it’s (light) weight in gold!
Even if you wanted to travel with several XKeys for a live performance, you can easily do it. They weigh almost nothing, are razor thin and take up very little space in your check in bag.
It’s just amazing that from my own studio in Los Angeles to Mumbai, India and everywhere in between, I can always have the XKey with me,
It’s an absolute must have!”

Electric Jazz Scott Kinsey is an improviser and music conceptualist. A musician’s musician known for being perhaps one of the most unique and original improvising jazz synthesists of his or maybe even any generation.

Scott Kinsey
Scott KinseyKeyboardist, improviser and music conceptualist.

Kevin Kern

“I was first introduced to the Xkey in 2014, and it quickly became an essential part of my creative arsenal. Whether writing arrangements for string quartet in Sibelius,, creating emergency parts with my iPad and Symphony Pro right before a concert, or simply jamming with Sample Tank on a plane between tour stops, my Xkey was always right near by when needed. Now, I’ve just been introduced to the Xkey Air, the latest member of the CME family. With its 25 full sized keys, I find it’s even easier to play than the original Xkey. Not only that, The Xkey Air is absolutely accessible to a blind composer like me right out of the box just like the original Xkey. No need for sighted help when creating or preparing music. Simply fire it up and you’re good to go. Best of all, because it’s Bluetooth compatible, there are no cables to keep track of wen you’re busily trying to create in a small space, or on a tight deadline. This is truly an inspiring product by a very creative company. Thank you CME Pro for giving us yet another game changer.”

A native of Detroit, Kevin Kern began playing the piano at the tender age of eighteen months. Though legally blind since birth, his exceptional talent soon became clear. The influences of lifelong friend and mentor, jazz great George Shearing, and Detroit Symphony Pianist Mischa Kottler helped Kern to develop an early love of improvisation and an appreciation for the beautiful sound a piano could produce. He continued his education at the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music in Boston where he studied with Jaki Byard and Fred Hersch.
Since the release of his phenomenally successful debut CD, In the Enchanted Garden in 1996, Steinway Artist Kevin Kern has developed his own musical voice. over the next two decades, his recordings have ranged from the classically flavored cinematic melodies of Summer Daydreams to the organic acoustic textures of The Winding Path.

Kevin Kern
Kevin KernPianist, composer.


“The Xkey goes where I go. It’s essential to my writing process and no matter where I am I can be creative because of the Xkey. Not only is the size wonderful for writing/playing on the go, it’s actually plays really well. Perfect design and functionality in one package.”

Tommy Rogers is an American musician, most notable for being the lead vocalist, keyboardist, and founding member of the critically-acclaimed progressive metal band, Between the Buried and Me. Tommy has also recorded two solo records and one movie score under the moniker Thomas Giles.
He is known for blurring the lines between rock, electronic, and progressive music.

Tommy RogersLead vocalist, keyboardist.

Swagg R’Celious

“As a millennial mobile producer, who is always on the go, the Xkey air is the perfect controller for me. Its slim, lightweight design and unique touch, doesn’t lose the feel of a more traditional midi keyboard and offers a smooth, dynamic performance.This is perfect controller for the producer who doesn’t want to sacrifice touch for convince.”

Producer, vocalist and songwriter Swagg R’Celious has and continues to build an innovative and creative mark on the music industry. The Sony/ATV signed producer/writer has had career-defining opportunities to work with artists, writers and producers such as: Baby Face, American Authors, H.E.R., Wale, Alicia Keys, Neyo, Brandy, Kehlani, Cash Cash, K. Michelle, Gabi Wilson, Elle Varner, Tiara Thomas, Livre, Kery James, Busta Rhymes, Coko of SWV, B.O.B, Dawn Richard and many more.

Respected beyond the genres of hip hop and R&B music, R’Celious, whose humble beginnings rooted in the church have evolved across cultural lines, from the Korean pop star Hyo Lee to writing the score for the motion picture “Stick Up Kids”.

R’Celious also have a strong passion for music education in music technology and has been featured as a guest lecturer at High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Swagg R’Celious
Swagg R’CeliousProducer, vocalist and songwriter.

Greg Hosharian

“My favorite aspect of the XKey is its portability. Even though I use it in my studio, It is an important part of my remote setup when I’m out of the studio working. I can easily take it with me in the beautiful case, strap it to my back and set it up on the road, at the local coffee shop or just anywhere I desire. The Xkey Air is a great composing companion allowing me to work on compositions and film scores wherever I am at a moments notice!”

Composer, conductor and keyboardist Greg Hosharian began playing the piano at the age of four, when his father, composer/conductor Edward Hosharian, became his first music teacher.

Greg has toured across Europe and North America as a keyboardist with the progressive rock band Redemption, opening for Dream Theater. He has also formed two bands of his own in which he plays the keyboard: Hosharian Brothers Band (in which his brother, Peter Hosharian, plays the clarinet) and Armenian Space Station (progressive metal). In 2009, Armenian Space Station performed an exceptionally well-received concert in Yerevan, Armenia.

Greg started The Armenian Pops Orchestra in 2010 in which he is the conductor and musical director. The Orchestra made its much-anticipated debut that year performing the premiere orchestral version of Greg’s composition “Symphony No. 2 – The Waters of Lake Sevan” The Orchestra has performed several times in the Los Angeles area ever since.

Greg is in the planning stages of organizing a series of concerts incorporating all of the genres he is passionate about — ethnic, Armenian, classical, chamber, jazz and rock music — at various venues across the globe. These concerts, at which he will also perform, will showcase his original compositions.

Greg Hosharian
Greg HosharianComposer, conductor and keyboardist

“As I’m on the road a lot, it’s important to keep practicing my production skills. Xkey makes that a reality with a compact solution to do real studio work.”

Zach is a touring machine and an outstanding performer with an infectious stage presence. He has cut records and performed with countless artists in pop, hip-hop, gospel, and R&B including: Andy Grammer, Cody Simpson, Colbie Caillat, Fifth Harmony, Jewel, DJ Skee, Queen Latifah, Gavin DeGraw, The Game, Rachel Platten, Ben Rector, and Westside Connection. He has also been on numerous early morning and late night TV shows not limited to: Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, Today, Show, Billboard Awards, The Talk, The View, and Disney Channel.

Zach Rudulph
Zach RudulphBassist/Musical Director

“I believe that the Xkey is what every musician needs. Other than its astonishing and stylish look and feel, the really well-thought-out design, feasibility of work, and its portability is something that is unbeatable, and thats what makes the CME Xkey the ultimate keyboard solution for every modern musician. It is going to be everywhere with me, and I can’t think of me without it!”

Ehsan Imani is a Hard Rock/Metal musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer from Iran, with a professional certificate from Berklee College of Music online. He is working with a big number of local and international musicians and is also an endorsing artist of Mayones Guitars, and Tesla Guitar Pickups.

Ehsan Imani
Ehsan ImaniMulti-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer

” WOW – I’m a proud owner of CME`s Xkey Air37 and guess what: I can’t get my hands off it! What a fantastic piece of gear – solid, awesome feel, great design and super stable Bluetooth connection with very low latency! Love to play this on stage and on the Tourbus. Thumbs up CME and rock on! Peace! ”


Jens Skwirblies
Jens SkwirbliesArtist, Keyboardist of LAKE & The Magic of Santana feat. Alex Ligertwood & Tony Lindsay

Hello, many greetings from tour with “Unheilig“ directly from the tour bus. We have played concerts all summer and are still on the road. Wherever we are we build up our small studio setup to work on our new album, which will be released soon. For this reason I can’t miss my little CME XKey! All the best, Henning!

Henning Verlage
Henning VerlageProducer and keyboarder of Echo award winning German Top act “Unheilig“. Producer of many other German acts like Staubkind.