Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI USB adapter

Pairs an Xkey Air keyboard to the MIDI software on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Step 1

Plug WIDI BUD into a USB socket

Step 2

Use XKey Air with your MIDI software

WIDI BUD Overview

Thinking of purchasing the innovative Xkey Air Bluetooth MIDI keyboard … but worried about Bluetooth quality on your current computer?
WIDI BUD is the answer. WIDI BUD will pair your USB-enabled device with the XKey Air so you can use the keyboard with your existing MIDI apps. Wirelessly!

* smartphones or tablets without a USB port can use an adapter, e.g., USB OTG adapter.

MIDI compatible,
Low Energy Bluetooth adapter.

USB 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 compatible. Plug & Play.
No driver needed.

Works wit Android, Chromebook, iOS,
Linux, Mac and Windows devices.*

Special ‘minimized latency’ Bluetooth
technology eliminates time lag.

Low Energy Bluetooth reduces
battery drain from WIDI BUD.

Customizable settings with the
WIDI Plus application (included free).

* Xkey Air pairs automatically with Mac/iOS products.
WIDI BUD is not required but will improve Bluetooth connection.

Better Music... On your favorite device.

  • Automatic pairing with Xkey Air.

  • More responsive. Reduces Bluetooth latency.

  • WIDI BUD is optimized for MIDI connectivity.


Even if your Windows PC has standard Bluetooth, WIDI BUD upgrades your computer to the latest BLE Bluetooth standard. It’s faster and easier.


Want to use MIDI Player and other music applications on your Chromebook? WIDI BUD makes it easy to connect your Xkey Air.


No more manual Bluetooth pairing each time you want to use your Xkey Air keyboard. With WIDI BUD you get instant, automatic connection.


Overcome the latency of iOS Bluetooth and enjoy ultra-responsive keyboard playing. Use Xkey Air with GarageBand and other MIDI apps.


Use a USB OTG adapter to plug WIDI BUD into your smartphone. Then enjoy music on the move with Xkey Air and your Android MIDI apps.


Using a Linux computer with apps like Multimedia Studio or Rosegarden? We’ve got you covered. WIDI BUD upgrades your PC to Bluetooth BLE.

WIDI BUD Specification

WIDI BUD is a class compliant Low Energy Bluetooth adapter which has been optimized for MIDI music connection to an Xkey Air keyboard.
Low latency means that the time lag between the keyboard and the computer is minimized.


  • Microsoft Windows XP-SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Mac OS X
  • Chrome: Version 43.0 or newer
  • iOS 4.2 or newer. All versions of iPad / iPad mini with camera connection kit or lightning to USB camera adapter (to be purchased separately)
  • Android: Tablets / Smartphone with Android version 4 or newer and may require USB OTG (to be purchased separately)
  • Connects to a single BLE device
  • Customizable settings with the WIDI Plus application (included free)


  • 17(L) x 16(W) x 8(H) mm


  • 10 meters (30 feet)


10 Reasons To Choose WIDI BUD

“Why should I pay for your WIDI BUD dongle when I can get free BLE software from Korg?”
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    1. Our WIDI BUD dongle is super-fast.

    Instead of installing yet more software on your hard drive, all our software is in the dongle’s firmware. So WIDI BUD is 100% focused on playing your music.

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    2. With WIDI BUD, there's nothing to install.

    No need to worry about language settings, 32 or 64 bit issues and slow hard drives. WIDI BUD just plugs into your USB port … and it’s ready to go. Easy.

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    3. With WIDI BUD, Bluetooth is built in.

    Older Windows PCs might not have Bluetooth 4.0 capability, but the latest Bluetooth is written into the WIDI BUD firmware.

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    4. No need to pair WIDI BUD each time.

    Our smart implementation of the latest Bluetooth ‘Host’ software means your Xkey Air keyboard (or other Bluetooth MIDI instrument) will pair with WIDI BUD automatically. No more manual scanning and pairing.

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    5. Connect other Bluetooth MIDI devices.

    You’re not limited to connecting our own Xkey Air. The WIDI BUD dongle plays nicely with all other Bluetooth MIDI devices, including the Korg microKEY Air, nanoKEY studio, Jamstik+, Yamaha MD-BT01/UD-BT-01, Roland A-01, etc.

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    6. Connect multiple WIDI BUDS.

    If you have a few Bluetooth MIDI instruments you want to use simultaneously, it’s not a problem. Just get an inexpensive USB hub/splitter … and install multiple WIDI BUDs.

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    7. Imperceptible Bluetooth latency.

    Conventional Bluetooth uses hard drive software and PC chips. But with WIDI BUD all the software and firmware is in the dongle, so there’s negligible time lag … even if you connect multiple WIDI BUDs.

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    8. Use WIDI BUD with Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Chromebooks.

    It is not limited to Windows 8.1 and 10. WIDI BUD connects to other devices on all the most popular operating systems … so you get a much bigger choice of music apps to use.

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    9. Get the latest Bluetooth Host, on any device.

    There are lots of different Bluetooth versions on different devices. For example, if you’re still running Mac OS 9, it has an old version of Bluetooth. But when you plug WIDI BUD into any device, you get the very latest Bluetooth technology. It’s like a hardware upgrade.

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    10. WIDI BUD is the world's only BLE MIDI dongle.

    We created WIDI BUD from scratch to do just one thing … and that’s to enable you to easily play music on all the most popular platforms. With imperceptible latency, no manual pairing, and no fuss. Just plug … and play.

Frequently purchased together

WIDI BUD and Xclip. With Xclip you can easily add a standard guitar strap to the Xkey keyboard.
Hold your keyboard like a guitar. Move around the stage or studio without wires.

WIDI BUD and Xclip bundle.

Xkey Air. MIDI compatible, Bluetooth keyboard

Xkey Air is the world’s #1 Bluetooth MIDI keyboard. First choice with professional musicians, Xkey Air is the next generation of music keyboard.
Connects to the most popular PCs, tablets and smartphones.

  • Bluetooth 4 MIDI controller. Low latency
  • Full size piano key
  • Velocity sensitive. Play loud or soft
  • Polyphonic aftertouch. Pro feature
  • Octave change and pitch bend buttons
  • Modulation and sustain buttons
  • Rugged, aluminum construction
  • 25-key (mobile) and 37-key (studio) models