Cables are so yesterday. They get tangled up. Or you lose them or leave them somewhere … and then you can’t do anything. Relax, Xkey Air is finally with our distributors now, ready for you to order.

Quick summary. Xkey Air connects to your favorite device (smartphone, tablet or PC) by Bluetooth. And because Xkey Air is totally MIDI, you can use it with your favorite music apps.

‘Oh no’, you say, ‘my old Windows desktop PC doesn’t have Bluetooth’. We’ve got you covered in two ways. First, there’s a USB cable supplied with your Xkey Air, just for situations like that. Or you could buy our low-cost WIDI BUD Bluetooth dongle. It’s the world’s first Bluetooth MIDI dongle … and works great on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux devices.


Choose a Bluetooth keyboard for your favorite MIDI apps.

There’s two versions of Xkey Air. The 25-key model is super-portable, so you can compose and practice anywhere. Just Bluetooth it to your smartphone and the world is your studio. Or the 37-key model is great for your home studio and stage performances.

By the way, we also have a guitar strap attachment so you can hold your Xkey Air keyboard just like a guitar. Called Xclip, it’s great for stage performances. And because Xkey Air is wireless, you don’t need to worry about tripping over the wire!

Find out more about the Xkey Air.



Recommended Accessories.

You might also be interested in these Xkey Air accessories :


Xclip guitar strap adapter.Xclip_07

Just clip Xclip on to your Xkey keyboard … then attach your favorite guitar strap. Performance musicians like the way that with Xkey Air and Xclip they are free to move around the stage with their keyboard, with no wires.


WIDI_BUD_with_Windows 2WIDI BUD Bluetooth dongle.

The world’s first Bluetooth dongle that’s optimized for MIDI musical instruments. Super responsive … and connects to Apple, Android, Windows and Linux devices. Think of it as an instant hardware upgrade.


  1. I have a PUC plus wireless Bluetooth MIDI interface (see connected to my Döpfer analog synthesizer. Currently my only usable keyboard is an iPAD app. Does your CME XKEY Air keyboard interface with the PUC+ ?? I tried a Korg wireless keyboard but it did not find the PUC+, and I understand that mostly the keyboards are used with soft synths, but because the transfer direction is the same with the PUC (it works in both directions) either when using a soft or hard keyboard , maybe your keyboard could work as well?

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