Xkey Documentation

Xkey Plus (Configuration App)

Extend and upgrade your Xkey by downloading Xkey+ !

This configuration software works on iOS, MacOS and Windows. Soon on Android!

  • Check for new Xkey firmware
  • Velocity curves editor
  • In-depth configuration of Xkey sensitivity & timings (advanced users)
  • Access to all Xkey parameters (advanced users)
  • Possibility to configure new assignments to all keys & buttons (requires Fw 1.2+)
  • Direct access to Xkey documentation & support
  • Compatible with widiBud and Xkey air serie
  • Preset files
  • Misc improvements

Xkey Piano (Quickstart App)

Just bought an Xkey? Get started and don’t lose time looking for other MIDI compatible apps!
  • Learn how to plug and use your Xkey with your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
  • Select instruments
  • Change the tempo and use the embedded metronome
  • Experience polyphonic aftertouch
  • And much more coming soon!
Only works on 64-bit Windows.


Widi Plus is dedicated to the (optional) Bluetooth MIDI dongle Widi Bud from CME.

Widi Bud is a Bluetooth low energy MIDI USB adapter, it provides Bluetooth MIDI functionality to any Mac which is not equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, or to any Mac with MacOS previous than Yosemite.

  • Check for new Widi Bud firmware
  • Choose any Bluetooth MIDI device to connect to
  • Rename any Bluetooth MIDI device
  • Choose which Bluetooth MIDI device Widi Bud will automatically connect to
Only works on 64-bit Windows.