NP Lim

Hi Mr. Zhao,

Thank you for your reply on other post. Now the reply on the original post disappeared therefore i have to switch to this post.

I went down to CityMusic today and tested the WidiBud together with their helpful staff as we do really hope that things are working.

Below was discovered when WidiBub is on PC. we managed to test on two Windows PCs with same result.

On Akai LPD8 wireless.
WIDIPLUS shown ble midi found, AKAI model shown in the list, we select it and connect. Connected. WE MUST THIS TIME CLOSE THE WIDIPLUS APPLICATION once it is connected with a device. Then launch DAW, setting up MIDI input output using WIDIBUD. Buff.. everything seems work fine. Signal came in. However after 5 minutes playing with sampling pad. Akai drop out of WidiBud. Need to restart the whole process.

On ROLAND Go:Piano.
WIDIPLUS shown ble midi found, ROALND model NO shown in the list, but when we turn on and off ROLAND we can see the WIDIPlus found and drop 1 midi device. I tried before with WIDIBud Firmware ver. 1.1 a device was detected but the list shown on Model column was blank. No midi signal working at all.

Please if you could assist further.

Thank you.

My email is lnpcpv@yahoo.com