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    Sometimes Facebook users have trouble with their locked account due to some unforeseen reasons an account gets locked, and for the same, they need to contact the support team and request access to the account. You can reach Facebook customer service with your locked account issue, and an available expert will provide a solution or way to unlock the account. You can call the support team or live chat to request help.

    How to call Facebook?

    First, dial the customer support number of Facebook on your phone and tap on the given option of directing the call to an expert. You need to call on this number: 650-543-4800. After receiving an expert on your call, ask how to unlock your Facebook account and follow what the expert suggests.

    How to connect on Facebook Live Chat?

    If you wish to receive the answer on how you can unlock your Facebook account, you have to follow the given procedure:

    Open the Facebook support page,
    Then opt for the live chat medium,
    Choose the option “Locked Facebook account,”
    You will receive a few prompts on the chat related to the same,
    Choose the options from the prompt suitability,
    You will receive guidance from the expert on how you can unlock your account.

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